Introducing the Latest Sonic Innovations! Dive into a world of musical possibilities with our freshly curated selection of newly featured sample packs this week. From cutting-edge to timeless classics, these packs are a expansive wonderland of sounds, loops, and inspiration waiting to get into your productions. Join us on a sonic adventure as we unveil the latest gems crafted by talented producers, promising to fuel your creativity and set your musical ventures ablaze.

Immortal – Riddim Dubstep

Elevate your dubstep game with ‘Immortal – Riddim Dubstep,’ a colossal 1GB+ sound library poised to redefine your production standards. Immerse yourself in skull-smashing beats and breathtaking basslines, crafted with the highest quality source loops, samples, and presets. Whether you’re a seasoned Riddim enthusiast or exploring the genre, this pack is your gateway to creating immortal soundscapes that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the biggest artists in the scene. Don’t miss out on unleashing the power of this earth-shattering collection into your creative hands!

Immortal – Riddim Dubstep is an earth-shattering sound library that will certainly push your production values to the new extremes. Create immortal riddim with this 1GB+ pack! Expect the highest quality source loops, samples and presets which have been waiting to fall into your creative hands! If you’re a fan of the biggest artists in Riddim, prepare yourselves for skull-smashing beats and breathtaking basslines.

Abstract Ambient

Transform your music with the ‘Ambient/IDM/Experimental’ sample pack from Cycles & Spots, showcasing their expertise in the genre. Loops meticulously crafted into textures, percussive elements, and sub-bass, this pack is a versatile toolkit for creating captivating soundscapes, rhythmic backgrounds, atmospheric spaces, or even unique bass parts for various genres. Each loop, designed with modular synthesis, offers an abnormal and standout quality. Whether you’re into ambient, IDM, or experimental productions, this pack is a fruitful addition to your collection, providing the extra spice needed to elevate your musical creations across multiple genres.

Ambient / IDM / experimental music productions from Cycles & Spots, one of their expertise. This pack contains 300 WAV loops divided into the 3 categories textures, percussive and sub bass, all you need to create interesting soundscapes, rhythmic background frameworks, atmospheric spaces or even bass parts for other genres and more. In general the content of this pack can be useful for numerous genres that need a little extra spice. The texture and percussive loops of this release are all made with modular synthesis to make them stand out and be abnormal and the bass loops are meant for building ground to these. However, for s pure Ambient sound you could leave the bass out, on the other hand this exact bass loops can be used even in dance music genres, if you wish to. So all in all quite a fruitful pack to have in your collection.

Future Dub

Expand sonic palette with Cycles & Spots’ ‘Future Dub’ sample pack, a unique blend of loops designed to work seamlessly together or individually across diverse genres. From Ambient and IDM to Trap and Experimental, this collection offers a distinct rhythmic and sonic signature, injecting a little extra spice into conventional dance types. With four carefully crafted loop categories, this pack ensures a versatile toolkit that transcends boundaries, making it an essential addition for producers seeking innovative sounds to redefine their music across various genres.

More excellent weird sounds from Cycles & Spots. This pack is a special mixture of loops that work well together and also separately, meaning all together form a sound that we would call Future Dub but all 4 included loop categories are useful on their own in numerous genres like Ambient, IDM, Trap, Experimental or other conventional dance types that could need a little extra spice in terms of rhythmic and sonic signature

Techno Tools 2

Fuel your Techno productions with the power-packed loops and floor-shaking kicks from Cycles & Spots. Crafted with precision, the driving low and mid/high frequency sequences in the loops, along with the floor-destroying kick drum one-shots, provide everything you need to construct solid Techno foundations. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or diving into the Techno realm, this sample pack is your key to creating impactful and dynamic tracks that command attention on the dancefloor.

Cycles & Spots crafted more great Techno loops and kicks for your productions. The loops offer driving low and mid/high frequency sequences, the one shots bring you floor destroying kick drums to feed your sampler or drum machine. So you’ll get everything you need to build solid Techno foundations.

Spooky Drums Vol 1

Up you hip hop production game with ‘Spooky Drums Vol. 1,’ a treasure trove of 198 grimy east coast underground hip hop drum one-shots. From punchy kicks to smacking snares, gritty claps, and vintage vinyl crackle FX, this pack delivers the essential elements for crafting dark and hypnotic hip hop music. Perfect for genres like East Coast, West Coast, Underground, Old School, and more, these production-ready one-shots are imbued with grime and texture, providing an authentic feel that captures the true grit of real hip hop producers. Dive into a world of textured, gritty drums, vinyl-infused snares, claps, and dark hats & percs to infuse your music with a distinctive and atmospheric vibe.

This pack includes 198 grimy east coast underground hip hop drum one shots featuring punchy & warm kicks, smacking snares, gritty claps, vintage vinyl crackle fx as well a variety of essential samples for creating dark hypnotic hip hop music. Spooky Drums Vol. 1 features drum one shot samples in genres like East Coast, West Coast, Underground, Hip Hop, Old School, Urban, Minimal as well as other hip hop music genres. Inside you’ll find a library of production ready one shots that are dark, covered in grime & texture and gives your music true girt and authentic feel of real hip hop producers. Explore through a curated variety textured gritty drums, vinyl infused snares, claps, dark hats & percs.

Street Rap Drums Vol 1

Transform your beats with ‘Street Rap Drums Vol. 1,’ a powerhouse sample pack boasting 163 meticulously crafted drum one-shots and loops tailored for Hip Hop, Underground, West Coast, and East Coast genres. Designed to inject warmth, weight, and clarity into your mix, these samples capture the vintage essence of 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop. Whether you’re aiming for an authentic throwback sound or infusing a modern twist, this pack is your key to elevating your productions with the timeless and classic drum vibes of the hip hop era.

Street Rap Drums Vol. 1 contains 163 drum one shots & loops featuring genres: Hip Hop, Underground, West Coast and East Coast that add warmth, weight and clarity to your mix. All samples are sound designed, and engineered to mimic the vintage feel of hip hop from back in the 90’s, and early 2000’s.


Unlock your creative potential with ‘LOD’ by Smemo Sounds, a powerhouse sample pack featuring 7 dope construction kits with WAV loops and MIDI files. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, these kits provide the perfect foundation to build and develop your beat ideas. With included MIDI files offering full flexibility and easy reference for tempo, ‘LOD’ is an essential toolkit that empowers you to shape and refine your music production with seamless ease.

“LOD” by Smemo Sounds contains 7 Dope Construction kits with Wav Loops & MIDI Filevs. This kits helps you to build and develop your ideas when it comes to producing beats. MIDI files are included to offer you full flexibility. Contains tempo and for easy reference.

Lit Sauce

Elevate your trap productions with ‘Lit Sauce,’ a dynamic sample pack featuring five fantastic Trap Construction Kits filled with intense 808s, pitched pianos, synths, unique bells, and more. Inspired by top producers in the game, each kit offers meticulously separated elements, including signature synths, bass, keys, brass, kicks, snares, claps, and hats. With the added convenience of MIDI files, you can expedite your music production, allowing seamless integration with your favorite software or hardware synth. ‘Lit Sauce’ is your go-to resource for crafting massive, banging tracks that stand out in the world of trap music.

‘Lit Sauce’ brings you five fantastic Trap Construction Kits loaded with loud 808s, pitched pianos, synths, unique bells and much more. This pack includes massive bangers inspired by the best producers in the game. All parts are separated including fat signature synths, bass, keys, brass, kicks, snares, claps, hats and much more. The included MIDI format allows you to produce your tracks faster and easier than ever using your favourite software or hardware synth.

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