Dive into the soulful universe of R&B with our curated selection – ‘The 5 Best R&B Sample Packs.’ Unearth the essence of rhythm and blues as we present a handpicked collection of top-tier sample packs designed to elevate your music production. From lush melodies to captivating vocals, these packs promise to infuse your creations with the timeless allure of R&B. Lets discover the essential tools that will have you crafting smooth, emotive tracks in no time.

Key Evolution Melodic Loops

Unlock the essence of chart-topping R&B with ‘Key Evolution – Melodic Loops’ by YnK Audio! Boasting 117 seamless melodic R&B loops and 5 construction kits, this pack serves as your easy button for dramatic R&B keys. Elevate your sound and effortlessly craft soulful masterpieces with this must-have collection.

Key Evolution – Melodic Loops by YnK Audio is a amazing collection of 117 melodic R&B Loops with 5 melodic construction kits!!! Key Evolution is the closest thing you get to an easy button in dramatic R&B production. The keys are smooth and the chord scheme is second to none. Get the samples that will have you topping the charts all year long!!!

Premium Trap & RnB

Push your music production to new heights with ‘Premium Trap & RnB.’ Immerse yourself in marvellous soulful rhythms, captivating harmonies, and a stunning array of catchy Synth Shots, Melodies, and ready-to-go Drums Loops & Shots. Featuring vocals recorded by an incredibly talented singer from Texas, this pack offers both Natural and Processed variants, along with Adlibs and Loops, ensuring a unique and meticulously crafted sound palette. If you’re a producer aiming to set new standards, this pack is your gateway to creating expressive and groundbreaking compositions.

“Premium Trap & RnB” Filled with marvellous soulful rhythms and beautiful harmonies, this collection will give you pleasure from listening to the individual fragments, what to speak about making a new expressive sound palette. A beautiful collection of catchy Synth Shots & Melodies, stylish ready to go Drums Loops & Shots sounds and of course amazing Vocals. Vocals were recorded by an incredibly talented singer from Texas and edited by OST Audio team, but don’t worry in this pack you will find two variants of vocals, Natural & Processed, Adbils & Loops. If you’re looking for something unique, created with great care, you’ve come to the right place. This sample pack is great for producers who set new standards.

No Cupid 2

Improve your production game with ‘No Cupid 2’ by The Crushboys – a meticulously crafted vocal pack designed to bring an exciting edge to your tracks! Featuring melodic melodies, vocal one chops, and top line-specific compositions, this pack ensures your music stands out from the crowd. Perfect for producers across genres like Pop, Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, and Tech House, ‘No Cupid 2’ provides the cutting-edge sounds you need to take your tracks to the next level. Add that missing touch to your music with these striking, original vocals that guarantee a standout production.

The Crushboys presents yet another outstanding quality and professional production and sample pack: ‘No Cupid 2’, inspired by the sounds of it’s predecessor ‘No Cupid’. The Crushboys have meticulously prepared another Vocal Pack ready to help you add exciting layers to your production! The ‘No Cupid 2’ pack includes 32 files consisting of: melodic melodies, vocal one chops, melodies curated specifically for top line, and more! The samples will add that unique sound to your tracks, helping your music to stand out from the rest! “No Cupid 2” is perfect for all producers looking for a cutting-edge sound, who want to have striking, original sounds to bring their tracks up a notch. Suitable for multiple genres including Pop, Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, Tech House and more! This collection will help to add the touch that you were missing; that perfectly placed vocal. Please note: Only vocals are contained in ‘No Cupid 2’; other sounds in the Demo are for demonstration purposes only.


Embark on a musical adventure with ‘Bad’ from Major Loops, a divine collection of 5 soulful R&B Trap Construction Kits. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this kit stands out with rich guitars, smooth pianos, and deep synths, offering a unique sonic experience. Each loop is crafted at the highest quality, ensuring an effortless beat-making process. With this exceptional pack, you get the versatility to pick the sounds you love while holding onto others for future musical exploration, making it a must-have for producers seeking a distinctive and inspiring sound.

Bad from Major Loops is a divine collection of 5 Soulful RnB Trap Construction Kits. This kit is perfect for producers of all experience levels who are looking to work with something different. Rich Guitars, Smooth Pianos, and Deep synths are all present and accounted for in this one of a kind pack. Every Loop in this kit was created at the highest quality. Just drag and drop each WAV file into your DAW for an effortless beat making experience. Pick the sounds you like and hold onto the other sounds for later.

R&B Guitar Collection Vol. 1

Elevate your music production with this exclusive collection of R&B drenched guitar compositions, meticulously crafted by TimiBeats. Whether you’re seeking soulful melodies or rich harmonies, this pack is a must-have for producers looking to infuse their projects with authentic and original R&B guitar sounds.

Enjoy this collection of high-quality original RnB drenched guitar compositions . All audio is recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. Composed, produced and curated by TimiBeats.

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