Soifer Sound has announced the release of three new epic plugins for us to download right now.

These three plugins go by the titles of TripleDrive, SampleSwap, and Notes. 3 free plugins for your DAW on Windows and macOS, reports Producer Feed.


TripleDrive s a unique multi-band distortion. Add gentle clipping, harsh distortion, or anything in between using a variety of distortion types. Fine-tune your sound with input and output filters, configurable distortion amounts, and a three-band EQ.

Soifer Sound is advertising SampleSwap as an easy-to-use and learn sample replacement tool. SampleSwap, therefore, is here to help us tune and otherwise make our samples sit right in our mix. SampleSwap is perfect for making drums fit right in, and so much more.

Notes, as the name suggests, are a notepad that can be loaded into your DAW. I’m not sure how you feel about this, but I think this is going to be a key organizational tool in my workflow. We can easily take notes while working, so we know just what needs to be done after our coffee break(s).

TripleDrive and Sample Swap are available for Windows and macOS (VST3/AU); Notes, on the other hand, are only available for macOS users. However, Soifer Sound has stated that a Windows version is on its way to us soon!

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