Austrian plug-in developer Sonible have just released their long anticipated A.I. powered EQ, with some industry first features that set it apart from its competition. They are touting this as “the worlds first multitrack EQ” which can analyse multiple audio tracks to remove unwanted resonances, create spectral balance between them and remove disturbing resonances in seconds.

Features Overview

  • The world’s first multitrack EQ.
  • Uses artificial intelligence and spectral analysis algorithms.
  • Automatic problem correction: Disturbing resonances, difficult frequency ranges adjustments, spectral imbalances.
  • Intelligent cross-channel processing – Up to 6 channels can be grouped and divided into 3 hierarchical levels, reduction of spectral masking effects of all channels, spectral mixing techniques are used for a transparent arrangement.
  • Other additional features: Filter widgets, dynamic analysis mode for ongoing input signal adjustment, choice of linear-phase or latency-free filters, 24 standard filters to Up to 24 standard filters to freely fine-tune audio tracks, comprehensive mid-side function.
  • Minimum phase and linear phase mode for live EQing or audio postproduction.