As they promised, SSL continue to release its Fusion line of plugins. Violet EQ is an emulation of the 2-band minimum phase-shift shelving EQ from the Fusion Stereo Analog Colour processor, reports Gears News.

Violet EQ is the first new Solid State Logic analog EQ design in over 25 years.

A simple design that houses powerful processing, Violet EQ allows us to add a quick touch of high-end shine or expand add more power to our bass… all with minimum effort.

Available for us to implement is a stepped high-pass filter (30Hz up to 50hz) with low bands (30 up to 90Hz) and high bands (8 up to 20kHz) that we can adjust.

But SSL didn’t stop there & added a ‘FAT’ toggle. While the high pass filter is engaged, ‘FAT’ adds a subtle bump around the filter’s cut-off frequency in order to bring back a little life to the signal after having rolled lows off of the signal.

On top of the EQ, Violet EQ includes presets made by producers, a well as cross-platform preset management, an A/B comparison system, and an ECO mode for low latency work.

This versatile little plugin is on an introductory sale for EUR 119 until January 13th 2022. SSL also provide a 14-day free trial too. After January 13th the plugin will reach a price of EUR 159. Native Complete Bundle is also available for you to subscribe to (starting at $15 per month) where you’ll get the complete native SSL plugin bundle.

Violet EQ is available in all major plug-in formats for 64-bit Windows and macOS systems.

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