Introducing T-De-Esser, a brand new De-Esser plugin from the labs at Techivation.

This free, simplified De-Esser for Windows & macOS smooths out the harsh higher frequencies while maintaining a balanced and natural sound. Techivation states “Unlike the majority of De-Esser plug-ins available on the market, T-De-Esser gives a pure natural sound while smoothing the high-frequencies.”

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Credit: Techivation

This free plugin prioritizes the user experience by keeping you focused and keeping the user interface as simple as possible – no graphs or shiny things. Your hearing is your guide and T-De-Esser is your tool. The simplistic approach by Techivation allows users to avoid getting stuck into the loop of making tiny tweaks by ensuring the minimal features on the GUI have the intended impact on the user’s music.

The Techivation site states you can use T-De-Esser to:

  • Remove harshness from sound sources that were closely mic’d
  • Manage sibilance in vocals and dialog in a transparent manner
  • Treat irregular tonal balance caused by poor recording quality
  • Reduce the glare from unnecessarily bright guitar and piano recordings
  • Tame piercing synth sounds
  • Control the high-frequencies in overheads’ transients, such as snare, hi-hats, or clash
  • Give more dynamic range to your tracks while mastering, due to the reduction of unnecessary high frequencies

T-De-Esser comes with 4 frequency bands, Low Hi, Mid Hi, High, and Hi-end to ensure users can get stuck in depending on where the harsh frequencies are.

Available on: Windows 7 and up as 32 / 64 bit VST3, and 64 bit & Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) – macOS 10.15 (Big Sur) as 32/64bit VST and AU, Intel, and M1 Rosetta 2 Macs.

You can get T-De-Esser for FREE from the Tehcivation website here