The new chairman of Rhodes, Matt Pelling, released an online statement to share the news with the community.

It has not yet been made clear what instruments we can expect to see from the rebirth of this symbolic music technology creator, but we have been assured that it’s “under the management of a completely new team of world-leading music instrument technology specialists”.

We’re sure you’ve heard the iconic sound of a Rhodes electronic piano in your favorite music; they’ve been around since the ’40s and were later purchased by Fender. Check out “Living for the City” by the legendary Stevie Wonder if you haven’t already!

Matt Pelling, its new Chairman, stated “Our mission is to continue founder Harold Rhodes’ development of the highest quality musical instruments” as well as “dedication to progress fuels our passion for music performance and production, along with our desire to see the legacy of the Rhodes keyboard continue far into the future”.

He went on to say “We will stay true to Rhodes’ heritage whilst future-proofing the Rhodes brand for new generations of artists, with an evolving suite of beautifully designed, lovingly made and inspirational music products”.

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Read the full statement here.