In this latest exploration of the RouteNote Create catalouge, we unveil a handpicked selection of sample packs that showcase the richness and versatility of brass and woodwind instruments. From soaring trumpet melodies& soulful saxophone riffs, to fancy flute sections, these sample packs offer a diverse array of sounds to elevate your music productions.

The Horn Pack

This sample pack offers expertly played trombone, trumpet, and saxophone loops, providing versatile grroves, hooks and phrases essential for various electronic music genres. With loops spanning different tempos and lengths, it offers flexibility to either build tracks around them or seamlessly integrate them into existing productions, adding depth and character to your music effortlessly.

If you are looking for some cool hooks and phrases played by the most essential horns on the block, by some of the best players on the block, then look no further. This pack contains a multitude of trombone, trumpet and saxophone 2, 4 and 8 bar loops at varied tempos, perfect for house music, downbeat, hip hop and even drum and bass, build a track around some of the loops or drop into your existing production!

Beginning Flute Riffs

Add vibrant flute riffs to your music projects with this diverse selection of flute riffs, providing unique and captivating melodies to enhance your compositions and elevate your sound.

A collection of flute riffs on a variety of riffs recorded in 2019 ahead of the album “Cosmic Flute”


Recorded by the legendary Mr. Saxobeat, known for his iconic melodies in hits like “Mr. Saxobeat” by Alexandra Stan, this pack is perfectly suited for Synthwave and various other genres, this pack offers not only top-quality saxophone sounds but also professional drum loops, synths, bass, and pads, providing everything you need to create retro-styled tracks.

“Synthsaxual” – Is a saxophone sample pack stylized for Synthwave music, but of course, it fits into any other genre. The instrument was recorded by Saxophone legend Mr. Saxobeat. you could hear his incredibly catchy melodies in songs by artists such as Alexandra Stan, Pitbull, Ami, Alex Mica, Mohombi, Wisin, 3SE, Andreea Banica, Geo da Silva, Dony, Anda Adam. The most popular track from this guy is “Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat” The highest quality instrument in the hands of a master. Outside saxophone, this pack also offers professional drum loops, Synths, Bass, and Pads. Everything in a popular retro-stylized style.

Jazzfunk Flutes Vol 1

A diverse selection of C Flute and Alto Flute loops, perfect for infusing funk, jazz, soul, and hip-hop/downbeat tracks with captivating melodies and hooks.

An instrument that sound just perfect in most genres of music, none more so than funk, jazz, soul and Hip Hop / downbeat music. If you are looking for some cool hooks and phrases for you new production then the content here is essential. This pack contains a multitude of C Flute and Alto Flute 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 bar loops at a slower tempo, but can be used quite well in faster genres like jazz and even drum and bass! Enjoy.

Ingredient: House Sax Loops Volumes 1 & 2

Over 300 authentic saxophone loops performed by a professional saxophonist with passion and groove. These loops offer the catchiest and most organic saxophone melodies, ideal for enhancing your house music productions with vibrant and dynamic elements.

‘Ingredient: House Sax Loops Vol. 1 & 2’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Included are over 300 real sax loops to do whatever you wish with. Catalyst Samples scouted the globe for the right session player and found the perfect one. These loops are not programmed, they are played with passion, groove and feeling by a professional saxophonist. The pack offers nothing but the catchiest, most organic sax loops you can find. All loops are key and tempo labelled for ultimate control.

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