Ever wondered how producers make glitchy fills & percussion sections? Oh what, you want a shortcut to glitch glory?! Well we have a rundown that was made just for you…Get glitchy with it with our list of the best glitch samples packs currently available on RouteNote Create.


Soundiron have given you a super massive library of sound and percussive tools here to become a glitch master!


“Crystal is a collection of unique, shatteringly crystalline, glitchy percussive strikes, stingers, and effects that will cut right through your mix. Crystal’s unique sound comes from glass field recordings, twisted and mangled into an easy “out-of-the-box” solution for glitch percussion. This carefully curated and optimized edition includes a huge selection of brand new sound sources that are only available here in Crystal. It’s perfect for minimalist, EDM, IDM, dubstep, chillwave, glitch, post rock, soundtrack, downtempo, dub, ambient music and more. It’s also fantastic for sci-fi sound design and creating user interface SFX for games and apps. The result is a sample library that brings together superior audio and Soundiron’s unrivaled sonic quality, stunningly dynamic, flexible and inspiring sound design for any style or genre. Built from Soundiron’s signature Juno VHS collection, this 638 MB library contains 532 samples in 7 main categories and 16 sub-categories.”

Lost SFX

Ever felt like you’re lost on a distant planet, with the only sounds being your failing radio and glitched out spacecraft for comfort – well now you do with Lost SFX!


“Distant voices, dark atmospheres and distorted radio signals. Shifting, experimental textures & morphing outer space sounds. Interdimensional whooshes and impacts. Otherworldly echoes and field recordings from a lost planet. Everything in this pack is heavily processed and manipulated. This cutting edge collection of samples can be used for a variety of genres and musical styles as well as multimedia projects like TV, film, or video games.”

Data Destruction

This pack is all kinds of crazy – a treasure trove of databent glitch fodder to chuck into that samples for randomisational sequences! Get on this one!


“Data Destruction is a collection of sounds made using the technique of databending, the creative destruction of digital data. Pure digital glitch/noise suited to a variety of musical styles and multimedia applications or as a creative springboard for further sound design.”


If defective mayhem sounds like it might be up your street, then boy haven’t we found the pack for you! Made from broken modules, analogue synths and distortion units, this is the most defective pack we’ve come accross!


“In „DEFECT“ you’ll find a lot of analog noises, electro-magnetic field recordings, and digital glitches. The sound of malfunction and error. Carefully selected and edited for instant use. The sources that were used to make this sound effect library include: A broken Eurorack Filter Module, Guitar Distortion Pedals, Analog Synths and Eurorack Modules, An Electro Magnetic Field Recorder, A Telephone Pickup, A Guitar Pickup , Various other effects. These sounds are made for total sonic mayhem, idea for glitchy video editing and for broken transmission simulation. Video editors, Game Designers and of course Sounddesigners and experimental Musicians will find a lot of useful sounds in „DEFECT“”

Computer SFX

8 bit bleeps, beeps and blops! This fx sample pack is chock-full of old school computing vibes that are sure to be at home in a bunch of electronic genres!


“Computer SFX features high quality sound effects perfect for use in your music production or multimedia projects. Various glitches, hi-tech zaps & bleeps, babbling synths and electronic textures come together in this professionally created sample library from Future Samples. This cutting edge collection of sounds can be used for a variety of genres and musical styles as well as multimedia projects like films, video games, and apps. Grab your copy today and add some futuristic, sci-fi flare to your next production!”

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