Foley and ‘found sounds’ can make great layers for snares & percussion elements, and can be flipped, maniplulated and transformed into entirely new sounds. Get inspired by organic sounds from the real world by checking todays rundown of the 5 best foley sample packs on RouteNote Create!

Get Wood – Sounds From Minnesota Forests

This pack is the perfect way to make add a buch of wooden crunches and individual woody hits to your percussion sections!

“This sample pack contains over 190 sounds taken from deep in the woods of Clearwater, Minnesota. Lots of organic snaps, crunches, and scrapes can be found in this pack; perfect for layering your percussion, adding some crunchy texture, or doing some cool sound design. This audio was recorded using a handheld Zoom h4N. The audio was very minimally processed to even out volume levels.”

Nature Kit

NTHNL bringa bunch of nature sounds he recorded on their travels across the US – an interesting set of one-shot that will bring some organic vibes to your tunes!

“Hey! Thanks for checking out my Nature Kit. I recorded these sounds on a trip across the US. They have the names of the locations they were recorded at listed on each sample. This pack includes no loops, but has a bunch of awesome percussion sounds (many of which you can substitute for more conventional (snare, hat, tom, kick, etc) sounds. I also included some flute samples recorded outside in spaces. -NTHNL”

Footstep & Foley Sounds

Does what is says on the cover! If you’re looking for footsteps in particular, this pack from Gamemaster Audio has you covered.

“Footstep & Foley Sounds contains an assortment of highly usable foley sound FX including high quality professionally recorded footstep sounds. Surfaces included: concrete, dirt, grass, gravel, ice, metal, mud, sand, snow, water and wood. The perfect collection for any project needing footstep sounds.”

Sounds Of The Occult

One for you spooky lot here – if your want your next track to eminite eerie energy, you’ll definitely find some useful stuff in this pack!

“This pack contains a menagerie of blood chilling musical passages, atmospheres, ritual music & sound FX.

Violent Produce – Sounds From Hurting Fruits And Veggies

If squish and squelch are particlar types of sound you need in your production – look no further! Fruits and veggies were definitely hurt ion the making of this pack.

“This sample pack is full of organic ripping, tearing, squishing and snapping sounds from fruits and vegetables! Recorded with ultra sensitive Lom microphones to get all the gory details. This pack is incredible for sound design, percussive layering, and general sound effects for movies and games.”

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