Whether you’re crafting laid-back beats for a sunset session or creating ambient soundscapes for relaxation, finding the right sounds is crucial. Join us as we explore a handpicked collection of top-quality downtempo sample packs, perfect for adding depth, emotion, and tranquility to your music productions.

Alone Dark Chill & Cinematic

Lets kick it off with ‘Alone’ by Code Sounds – a deep and dark set of sounds to add to your arsenal of music making tools!

Code Sounds is proud to present Alone – Dark Chill & Cinematic our latest sample library for Film, TV, Game Designers and Music Producers. An expansive deep and dark collection of eerie Cinematic Textures, Haunting Atmospheres, Lush Pads and Lo-Fi Downtempo Beats. A truly distinct sound set of tones and textures that capture the essence of being alone in a dark, mysterious space or unsettling environments, although even in the darkest places a glimmer of hope always remains and as the deep chord progressions and melodies linger and ultimately resolve, there is a subtle uplifting feeling that rises above! Alone – Dark Chill & Cinematic is an essential tool for Ambient, Chill and Downtempo producers that are looking to create a unique cinematic mood in their music.

Ambient Chill Lowfi

Here’s a lofi one for you! Aimed at the more ambient side of the genre this is an incredibly huge collection of samples that will give you all the sounds you need for your next release!

Introducing “Ambient Chill Lowfi”, the ultimate loop and one-shot sample library pack for those wanting to bring warm fuzzy feelings into their music. With its unique blend of ambient and chill vibes, this pack is perfect for creating rainy day music, laid back beats, relaxing atmospheres, hazy lo-fi instrumentals and more. “Ambient Chill Lowfi” is an exceptional loop and one-shot audio sample library pack that provides music producers with a vast collection of high-quality sounds, specifically crafted for ambient, chill, and lo-fi music genres. This pack is a must-have for producers who are looking for unique and versatile sounds that can add depth and character to their tracks. Featuring an extensive selection of over 327 loops and one-shots, “Ambient Chill Lowfi” delivers a broad range of sounds that will immerse yourself in a world of nostalgic soundscapes. From smooth basslines, dreamy pads, lush atmospheres, and soothing melodies to intricate percussions and crushed drum samples, this pack has everything you need to takes your beats on a journey down memory lane. What sets “Ambient Chill Lowfi” apart from other sample packs is its exceptional quality and versatility. All sounds are professionally studio recorded and mixed, ensuring maximum clarity and consistency across the entire library. The pack includes loops at various tempos and key signatures, making it easy to find the right sound for your project. Plus, with the included one-shots, you can create your own unique patterns and melodies. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, this pack has everything you need to bring your music to life. This pack houses 327 loops & one shots. Everything is organized into understandable folders & meticulously key & BPM tagged. Product details: * 327 total files * 185 loops * 142 one shots * 24 Atmosphere loops * 13 Full Drum Loops * 13 Hi-Hat Loops * 13 Kick Loops * 13 Snare Loops * 20 Bass Loops * 9 Chord Progression Loops * 11 Guitar Loops * 40 Melodic Loops * 13 Pad loops * 16 Piano Loops * 10 Bass one shots * 85 Drum one shots- claps, crashes, hi-hats, kicks, percussion, rides and snares * 15 Melodic one shots * 32 Percussion one shots * All files form, key, & bpm labeled

VHS Dream – A Lo-Fi Pack

As the dscription on this one says – it’s lofi, and you’ll like it!

This is a lo-fi pack. You will like it.


Aimed at Chillstep in particular, this pack is a collection of drums, basses and synths for making moonlight drenched chillstep tracks.

Cloudy Samples is proud to present “Lunar” – collection of chillstep drums and sounds for your next soothing production. In this great expert product, we focus exclusively on the perfect pure chilling mood. This pack comes with a variety of different sounds & song sections, with samples and WAV loops provided. Inside this refreshing pack you will find samples created with maximum precision and made with using extraordinary tools. If you are looking for inspiration for your chillstep productions, this package is the right thing for you. Features: – 80 Drum Loops – 40 Drum & FX Samples – 16 WAV Loops Exported

Atmospheric Organic

Tranquility is the name of the game here – a verstaile set of loops that will take you to an entirely new ethereal world!

“Atmospheric Organic” combines ethereal soundscapes, organic loops, and atmospheric textures that will bring a unique character to your music. This sound library is inspired by ambient and more experimental styles, offering a wide range of moods that will give your songs a sense of tranquillity and depth. Each sound is carefully designed and processed using a combination of tape, granular effects, amps, guitar pedals, micro cassettes, half-time techniques, and other tools, ensuring a unique and captivating sonic palette. Whether you’re working in styles like ambient, downtempo, soundtrack or EDM, pop or hip hop, “Atmospheric Organic” provides a versatile collection of samples that will inspire your creativity.

Emotional Lofi Sultry Vibes

Feeling of nostalgia here are strong – a pack that contains a bunch of R&B elements, from drums, melodies and moody keys, to textures and sound effects. A pack containing all the chill elements you need!

This pack includes 116 laid-back R&B loops, fuzzy lo-fi drum one shots, soulful melodies, moody keys, lush pads progressions, nostalgic beat patterns, layers, flavorful percussion, textures, accents, vibe setting sound effects & more. Emotional Lo-fi: Sultry Vibes is a new age lo-fi sample pack featuring an artisan collection of heavily designed drum samples and stock full with lush R&B melodics hitting a variety of styles like: Chill, Lo-fi Hip hop, Downtempo, Soul, R&B, Electro, Minimal as well as other popular lo-fi music genres. Inside you get everything needed to create the booming & most “sought after” vibes of melodic soulful R&B as well as Lo-fi hip hop music. Explore through chill frequencies, sultry vibes, low keys and experience the warm fuzzy feelings inside. Unlock this power pack of lo-fi soul & R&B today! Product details: 116 one-shots & loops 52 one shots 64 loops All in high quality 48k/24bit .wav audio file format 12 drum loops 38 melodic instrumental layer loops 8 percussion loops 6 sound effect loops 8 hi hat one shots 11 kick one shots 8 percussion one shots 8 sound effect one shots 10 snare one shots 7 melodic one shots All files form, key & bpm labelled

Deep Chill

Get the chilled sunny and relaxing sound with this pack from Code Sounds! A bunch of construction kits to give you all the tools you need to complete your next downtempo chill track.

Code Sounds presents Deep Chill by DJ/Producer Adam K. With authentic summer vibes this amazing collection of construction kits and loops, sets the mood for those chilled and lazy days on sunny beaches across the world. The pack includes a massive 10 Song Construction Kits to spark inspiration in the studio for your next deep, chill and downtempo summer grooves! Adam once again delivers with his skilful production techniques and captures the essence of downtempo chilled beats with this collection of warm, lo-fi, vinyl sounding construction kits. In this pack you can expect to find an eclectic collection of sounds, all the samples were extensively processed to create that warm, noisy vinyl sound with nostalgic, yet modern melodies. Deep Lo-Fi Chords, Dirty Analog Kicks, Pitched Down Piano and Strings, Noisy Synth sounds with crackles and all the imperfect oddities that will help create those summer vibes in your next Downtempo Chill track. Includes 10 Song Construction Kits with select drum loop versions and a bonus collection of Drum Hits!

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