Free Music Samples for Music Production

So, you want to be a professional producer, huh?

Reddit is a community that features content from alternative music sample websites similar to Mixxed, music production education forums, free samples for music production, and answers to questions like “best music production laptops under $500?”.

If you’re looking to get involved in conversations with others in your position, and those who have been where you are, then it’s good that you’re here.

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Top 5 Subreddits for Music Production


Samples For All

A forum full of the most awesome free music samples ever.

EDM samples.

Acoustic samples.

Hip-hop samples.

Classic drum machine samples.

Loops, kits, and one-shots.

Looking to evoke some despair? Maybe your style is more tropical? What about UK Drill samples?

The variety on this forum is incredible. There are loops & one-shots inspired by Tyler, The Creator, Korg Sound Libraries, as well as Psytrance samples! We haven’t even mentioned the free Lofi samples yet…

Sample Hunters

Let’s get down in the groove with some free guitar samples, as well as some free RnB Samples!

The Sample Hunters forum presents what the name suggests: the best samples for music production.

Free loop kits, soul sample packs… what else do you need to make some epic music?

Bear in mind that you’ll have to dig through many web pages to find good quality content for free, and sometimes copyright issues will arise!

However, you can get all 100% royalty free samples, the best search & tagging features, similar samples, affordable pricing, ability to cancel whenever and keep your downloaded samples even if you do cancel.. all for the low cost of $2.99 a month at Mixxed!

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Discussions on forums help producers by creating communication networks with more experienced engineers.


Audio Engineering

After some music technology gear recommendations? Cool. Welcome to the Audio Engineering Forum!

Have you reached that dreaded mastering stage on your new project?

The point is, this is your music technology forum. Looking for an expert critique on major label audio quality?

We Are The Music Makers

“Reddit’s home for discussing the music-making process”… from writing, composing, recording, live performance, mixing, mastering… and so much more!

You got it – this is your top music production forum.

Are you looking to find out how a particular sample was made? And get a detailed answer?

What about some feedback on your own music? Are you hungry to understand sound design better?

We know. They’re spoiling you!

Don’t forget to promote your own music!

Making Hip Hop

This may well be a Hip-Hop focused forum, but you can bet there are some skills that you can take away with you and apply to any genre.

There’s advice here about how to get better at sampling, how to tackle depression and gain confidence in the industry, or advice about booking charges on live nights.

Final Thoughts

Artists need a place to talk about what artists do: create stuff. Everyone needs help from time to time, and forums like Making Hip Hop and We Are The Music Makers are a fantastic place for like-minded creators to share stories, insights & advice – as well as make some new friends!

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