Finding a music podcast that is insightful, educational, and fun can be tough. How long have you searched for one and felt like you’re still at square one? Luckily for you, we’ve been there – and we want to help you find the top music-related podcasts.

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Electronic Dance Money

First things first, you should recognize that you, as a musician, are a business. A business needs four things to operate: a supply chain (sample stores like, a production line (your D.A.W), a distribution network (RouteNote), and lastly, but most importantly, a marketing team.

Electronic Dance Money is one of the most insightful podcasts with a focus on helping you improve your marketing. If you’re looking for knowledge on how to get the most out of your album, or your free downloads, or your social media campaigns, or anything else, Electronic Dance Money is the one for you. The interviews with brands & industry leaders will help you turn your passion into a functioning business model that brings value to your fans and yourself.

6 Figure Creative

Let’s bring it back to you, the creator. Once a music-orientated podcast known as 6 Figure Studio, 6 Figure Creative is a one-stop-shop for learning about how to tap into your creativity. Whether you’re a musician, graphic designer, painter… this podcast is here to help you if you’re struggling to inspire yourself.

Carving your own creative path, generating revenue from your skills & battling real human problems like depression in order to continue creating your art are all covered in the first 4 episodes of the revamped podcast. Topics for musicians, including musical collaborations, working with demotivation & creating marketing campaigns for your mixing/mastering services, are the streamlined focus of 6 Figure Studio – and it’s all on the same channel!

The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast

The former manager of Taylor Swift is here to show you how to survive in our industry. He talks about what fans to focus on (because there are multiple types) to get the most value out of your work, social media strategies, the new NFT’s that are changing the industry, how to utilize Twitch and Tik Tok… you name it!

Rick Barker is truly an expert. With 30 years of experience in the industry, he’s got a lot of advice that can take your music further.

Music Business World

Time for a dive into the industry itself. Music Business World covers industry news and interviews the people on the ground.

A podcast centered around today’s happenings, topics include brands working to change the way artists earn money, and interviews with industry leaders such as Mike Caren about how to bend the rules to make yourself stand out in the ever-evolving music industry.

DIY Music Podcast

Get your hands dirty! DIY Music Podcast is an essential tool to guide you in turning your passion into a career.

This educational listening experience focuses on giving you the knowledge to be self-aware of your workflow, how you can expand your audience on other platforms, how to use sync licensing, how to turn failure into success, and so much more that will give you the confidence to release your music independently.

DAW Nation

Would you like to get personal with the bigger artists? DAW Nation consistently features artists and promoters from the EDM scene and explores their lives & careers to give listeners context on how they found success.

Listening to your favorite DJ, musician, or brand lead talk about the experiences they had and how they overcame them is an amazing opportunity that we have in the 21st century. Exploring various topics from music production to music marketing in detail, as well as motivational episodes where you can learn little tricks to speed up your workflow.

Mr Bill Podcast

If you do want to get personal with artists but are only interested in music production, that’s okay. Mr. BIl has you covered.

After a career of being a legendary producer himself, Mr. Bill has his own podcast. In this chilled podcast, he invites the likes of Andrew Huang and Beadryman to talk about their experiences and how they got to be the musicians and influencers that they are today.