Put down your vinyl records and replace your CDs on the shelf – music streaming has taken over.

Not the illegal streaming that took hold as the internet rose in popularity. We’re talking about Spotify – a monthly subscription-based music streaming platform that gives you access to millions of songs, albums, and podcasts. But Spotify does also have a free model. So, do you have to pay for Spotify? No! But do you need to pay to use Spotify Premium? Well, yes! Not everything comes to us for free. But how much does Spotify Premium cost?

What is Spotify?

Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming platform that lets you listen to millions of songs and podcasts by artists and content creators across the globe. 

This bar chart showws how Spotify is the world
Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service. Spotify has more users than Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube Music & Amazon Music. Source: FIPP

Spotify’s free model makes Spotify readily available to anyone and everyone.

With a free Spotify plan, you can access all content on the platform that Spotify premium users can access just by signing up with an email address and password.

So, why pay for a Spotify premium account? Because a Spotify free account is subject to an unholy amount of advertisements. After all, Spotify still needs to make money. Rather than make every user ever pay, they simply break up your listening experience with paid advertisements.

A Spotify Premium account is not subject to advertisements. Users of Spotify’s free model can expect ads every 15 minutes or so.

But there are also some differences between free and paid Spotify accounts when it comes to the functionality of the service too.

On mobile, as the most prominent example, you’re only able to skip six tracks an hour with a free Spotify account. But with a Spotify Premium account, you can skip as many tracks as you’d like!

How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost?

At the time of writing, a Spotify Premium subscription will cost you £9.99 per month in the UK. You may have noticed, but a Spotify Premium paid subscription is exactly the same price as an Apple Music subscription at £9.99 for one person too. 

With your Spotify Premium account for one person, you’ll have access to unlimited music streaming. This means you can listen to however much music you want to.

As well as listening to music, you can also “make music available offline”. It’s not quite the same as downloading music, but it does do what it says on the tin! This epic feature allows you to listen to music at any time, on any day, in any place. Did we mention that you get unlimited skips too?

Outside of Spotify’s own service, a Spotify Premium subscription gets you a Hulu subscription that’s ad-supported. Don’t worry, you can cancel both subscriptions at any time!

Spotify offers a 30-day free trial for new users, and you can sign up for the bundle deal any time through June 10.

How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost For Students?

Being a student means your bank account isn’t always the most supportive thing in your life, and Spotify understands that.

That’s why if you can validate that you are a student, you can get a Spotify student membership for just £5.99!

Spotify Dup Plan Pricing

Maybe you & your best friend could team up to break the cost of Spotify a little? Or you & your partner could help each other out with the price.

Either way, a Spotify Duo account gets you all the features of a Spotify Premium account for two people at the price of £13.99

Spotify Premium Family Plan Cost

What is two compared to six?

A Spotify Premium Family Plan gets you all of the features of a paid Spotify subscription for six people at the price of £16.99!

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