Spotify For Artists is your key to unlocking the full potential of Spotify.

We make music out of love for it. Despite this, we must work with what we have if we want people to hear our creations. And that is where marketing tools like Spotify For Artists come in.

While we’re sure you’re aware of the service that Spotify provides to listeners, you may not be so in the know about what it provides to creators like you. But that’s okay. Spotify For Artists isn’t so well known to the masses.

But what is Spotify For Artists?

What is Spotify For Artists?

Spotify For Artists is a free add-on for artists. It provides a set of marketing tools that allow artists to personalise their Spotify Artist page and give performance insights. More specifically, these insights tell artists about who’s listening to their music!

Therefore, you can use the service to personalise the look of your profile, emphasise your niche, and demonstrate your authenticity. A Spotify For Artists profile allows you to verify yourself as an artist on Spotify and get that beloved blue tick. Furthermore, you can gather relevant insights that will enable you to make informed decisions about marketing yourself as an artist.

But beyond telling you about who’s currently listening to your music, the service also provides tools to help you get your music in front of new listeners too. Whether you’re an independent artist or you have a team behind you, you can use Spotify For Artists to help you grow your audience. All you need is to publish one song to the platform to create an artist page and claim that page as your own. Previously, you had to wait until you had 250 followers to be able to apply for verification on Spotify. Now all you need is access to Spotify for Artists.

This new verification system means you’ll use Spotify for Artists to add and remove playlists from your profile, but use your personal account to create and edit them.

How Can Spotify For Artists Help Me Grow My Audience?

With a general overview discussed, let’s talk about the features that you can make use of right now!

Analytics About Your Music and Audience

It’s crucial that you measure how your music is performing if you want to grow your audience. It’s Spotify For Artists that will allow you to do this.

The service will give you a detailed breakdown of how your monthly listeners and followers increase or decrease over time.

Moreover, the analytics in Spotify for Artists will allow you to better understand the demographics of your listeners. More specifically, you’ll have access to information like their age, gender, and their locations too.

This information will guide you about where you should book a tour, what demographics you should be getting in front of, and help you generally market yourself better.

Ads, Recommendations, Promotions

Analytics may provide great insight for organic growth, but Spotify For Artists will also allow you to grow your audience in a more synthesised manner too. That’s right – paid ads!

With a Spotify For Artists profile, you’ll have access to a huge range of areas to send your advertising campaigns. You’ll be able to customize them too!

Let’s say you have a new song. You can use a Marquee to promote the release of your track to Spotify users (potential listeners) who may enjoy your music. This, my friend, is also where the analytics we discussed above comes in. These two features go together in tandem, as well as being powerful tools in their own right.

Spotify For Artists providdes you with neccessary tools to advertise and promote your new music! Marquees are tools you can access in Spotify For Artists that allow you to get in front of brand new audiences! Source: Spotify For Artists

Paid ads/promotions allow you to create a clickthrough popup that will appear on users’ screens. Both free and paid users can see your ad with Marquee!

As well as Marquee, you can also use audio advertising. On Spotify, you can run vocal advertising campaigns for up to 30 seconds in length.

Audio advertising allows you to specifically target Free users. Every 15-30 minutes. Free users hear ads on the platform, and you can get yourself in those slots!

Customise Your Profile

The two features we have discussed will help you grow your audience by crunching numbers, targeting demographics, and creating ads.

While profile customisation is about marketing yourself, it’s more about demonstrating your authenticity. After all, you’re competing with thousands of other artists on the platform – so profile customisation is about presenting yourself as best you can. Standing out pretty tough, right? Especially if your niche isn’t overly popular. That’s why authenticating your profile is a great technique for setting yourself apart.

In addition to verifying your profile, Spotify for Artists gives you multiple ways of optimizing your profile. For example, you can edit your bio, change your profile and header image, and other ways that allow you to tell your story.

You can share playlists that feature your music, any albums and artists you admire, and more!

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