The R20 features 8 physical inputs with built-in effects that can ve easily navigated with its touch screen.

It’s never been so easy to capture rehearsal or studio sessions than with Zoom’s r20 multi-track recorder. An all in one standalone machine that’s so easy to navigate with its useful touchscreen editing, punch-in recording and more, reports MusicTech.

The R20 is a 16 track recorder with eight XLR inputs, where two also support 1/4″ jack inputs and three that support phantom power!

The R20 also features recording options of 16 or 24-bit recording at 44.1kHz!

All recordings are stored directly on an SD card. The machine accepts SDXC cards of up to 1TB in size, but the R20 also doubles up as an eight in/four-out audio interface when connected to a computer via a USB cable.

iOS users will get to experience further functionality as the R20 can be used as a two-in, two-out interface if a situation that required these specifications is raised.

Lets’ talk about the intuitive touch screen. The versatile sure interface allows us to control and edit individual tracks, as well as navigate to the onboard effects of the R20 recorder. These effects include compressor, limiter, three-band EQ, reverb, noise gate. On top of this list is guitar and bass amp modelling for those among us who would rather record directly into the machine than use a microphone!

Featured on the R20 recorder is a range of drum loops. Featured onboard, too, are a variety of synth samples that we can edit with the use of a DAW piano roll, as well as control them with USB MIDI.

On top of these amazing specs and features is a separate USB port for connecting a Bluetooth adaptor. This allows us to dial in and remotely control sessions via the R20 app!

Check out Zoom’s overview video to get to grips with just how much this awesome product is offering!

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