Getting speech or vocal samples/recordings to sound clean can take a while. Removing unwanted artefacts and noise can be hard. Accentize have made use of artificial intelligence and signal processing to build a vocal editing tools that is easy to sue and produced quick results.

And VoiceGate is now getting a huge upgrade. Accentize VoiceGate2 improves on all of its predecessors’ functionality, reports Gear News.

Accentize VoiceGate2

With machine learning, VoiceGate2 separates voice from background noise. The artificial neural network that VoiceGate is built on has been trained to identify the characteristics of the human voice. Having “listened” to thousands of hours of audio data, the network enables VoiceGate2 to do its thing with extreme accuracy – using only a handful of parameters.

VoiceGate2 supports audio sample rates up to 192 kHz and is compatible with both DAW’s and video editing software like Adobe Premiere.

Almost every aspect of VoiceGate has been completely revised and upgraded. With a new algorithm in place that’s capable of even greater results, VoiceGate2 is a must-have tool for vocal & speech editing.

Accentize VoiceGate UI. The AI recognises the human voice and removes unwanted noises and rumble.
VoiceGate AI recognises the human voice and removes unwanted noises and rumble, Source: Pro Tools Expert

Spectral focus mode has seen an improvement too. The user interface has a new look with new visualization options, making it even easier to use and see what you’re doing.

VoiceGate Pricing

Owners of the first version get the VoiceGate2 update for free. If you don’t own the first version then you’ll have to pay EUR 154. VoiceGate2 is compatible with 64-bit VST3, AAX and AU formats under Windows and macOS.

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