AKAI Professional has announced the new & improved MPK Mini Play mk3 keyboard controller. The new device houses 128 internal sounds like the original MPK Mini Play, as well as an upgraded keybed and pads, with longer battery life, and a bigger speaker, reports Gear News.

AKAI MPK Mini Play mk 3 interface with 28 keys, a modulation joystick, 4 assignable knobs, and 8 velocity pads, Source: Thomann

About three years ago we saw the launch of the original MPK Mini Play. A MIDI keyboard that housed 128 sounds and a small speaker that looked much like the MPK Mini USB keyboard controller. The latest version, the MPK Mini mk3, has been on sale for quite a while now. AKAI, as ever, couldn’t wait to get something new out there and so gave the Mini Play an upgrade, too.

If you are a fan of the original Mini Play devices, you’ll find that many features remain the same. Just like its predecessor, the MPK Mini Play mk3 includes 128 internal sounds, 25 Mini keys, eight velocity-sensitive drum pads, four assignable knobs, a bright red joystick for pitch bend and modulation, a small OLED display, and an integrated arpeggiator. But this time there’s more than what meets the eye…

The MPK Mini Play mk3 now has the same Gen 2 keybed as the MPK Mini mk3. AKAI has stated that this keybed provides a more precise velocity response, as well as better playability than previous keybeds. Not only the keybed, but the velocity pads have also seen an upgrade to true MPC-style drum pads, according to AKAI.

The pads are no longer straight squares, either. By having made them slightly rectangular, AKAI was able to fit the four knobs above the pads. This made room for a larger speaker on the right! AKAI claims that the new speaker brings more volume and bass than the original Mini Play model. Headphones are still more desirable when it comes to bass design, but for on-the-fly beat making the speaker is truly a blessing.

Speaking of on-the-fly beat making, the MPK min Play mk 3 has 14+ hours of battery life! We can also use the keyboard on USB bus power.

Like previous AKAI releases, the AKAI MPK Mini Play mk3 comes with a comprehensive software package that includes the MPC Beats DAW, but not to mention a bunch of software instruments by AIR Music Technology too.

The new AKAI MPK Mini Play mk3 is available for pre-order from Thomann for just €149.

If not disturbing others is a priority, players can use the mini-audio output jack to connect headphones to the MPK Mini Play. When you want a bigger sound, simply connect to external speakers using the same output jack

AKAI MPK Mini Play mk 3 connections, Source: Thomann

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