Audix has announced the A231, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that “sets a new gold standard for capturing the human voice”, reports Live Design.

The A231 microphone sports a gold plated brass band to pay homage to the SCX25A, which also hints at the 33-millimetre, true condenser inside that has a precision-tensioned diaphragm with a gold deposition that runs all the way to the outer edges.

This bold, innovative design offers a diaphragm area that’s about 25% larger than your usual large-diaphragm condenser mic which produces a rich sound. Its cardioid pickup pattern brings front only recording proximity which rejects incoming signal that’s off-axis effortlessly.

Audix A231, Source: Audix

When used to record anything human voice-related, the A231 presents a tone that merges both low-end power with high-end detail to control any proximity effect that we may experience and also give us a crystal clear high end. Say goodbye to obstructive s’s and t’s!

The A231 generates new creative opportunities when it comes to both lead and backing vocals, as well as spoken word activities such as podcasts or voiceover applications. Not only does the A231 champion at recording vocals, but we could record all manner of acoustic instruments and get the cleanest of signals.

With the microphone maximum SPL at 140 dB, it can easily handle loud instruments like drums at close range as well as it can handle quiet sources like guitars with its low 12 dBA noise level! It has no high end-harshness either, so recording instruments at the higher end of the frequency spectrum is on the table. Go and hit those cymbals! The A231 shines as bright as the cymbals themselves in drum overhead positions.

Thanks to its smaller size, and the technology inside, it lends the engineer using it so much flexibility when it comes to mic positioning that it may make many other microphones hang up their hats.

Inside, the A231 capsule is seated in a precision-machined aluminium body which is suspended by an internal shock mount that sits behind the double-woven steel alloy mesh grille. Not only does this design look phenomenal, but this compact microphone is ultra-practical. We can position the A231 in very tight spaces where bigger microphones just wouldn’t be best suited.

The Audix A231 knocks both lead and backing vocals out of the park thanks to its sweet high-frequency capability, as well as placement potential, low noise level, and massive 128 dB dynamic range.

As Audix suggest, the A231 sets a new gold standard for capturing the human voice.

The A231 is available now for an MSRP of $949.00.

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