Ah, yes, the sweet Eurorack modular units we all know and love. A pathway to true originality and creativity… if you can find the Eurorack modules for you.

Eurorack modules, from Eurorack power supplies, cases, sequencers and filter modules, are more accessible than ever. Eurorack has simplified how we build our modular synthesizers with its standardised dimensions and power regulations. From oscillators and LFO’s to VCA‘s, it no longer takes a degree in electronic engineering to build a modular synth. It’s as easy as buying flatpack furniture!

So, let’s talk about our favourite Eurorack modules right now!

Mutable Instruments Plaits – $236.00

The modular hardware legends that are Mutable Instruments have re-designed their Plaits hardware and have simplified its user interface to make Plaits far more streamlined and user friendly.

Plaits brings eight synthesis models for pitched sounds that offer a plethora of different creative options. Both internal modulations feature two timbre controls, as well as signal output, and we can shape the sound with the digital low-pass gate. Only 12hp in width, Plaits brings a whole new level of polyphony to any modular synth!

As well as multiple voices output, there are other models for noise, and even percussion, that make this module a must-have oscillator that will be an endless source of creative inspiration.

Joranalogue Filter 8 -$322.91

Joranalogue boasts that their Filter 8 is the ‘cutting edge in modular VCF design’.

And we believe them.

The Filter 8 is a classic sounding multi-mode filter. It has eight separate outputs, one for each filter type, so it can serve more than one purpose. The Filter 8 can be a lush analog oscillator, an LFO, or even a percussion module!

Filter 8 also houses four separate low pass outputs with individual and unique filter slopes, as well as a high pass, bandpass, phase shift, and notch for a wide variety of filtering options.

Filter 8 brings a unique resonant feedback circuit that opens the door for you to push the resonance hard without losing any bass frequencies, so prepare for some interesting dynamics.

“Ping” input on Filter 8 means you can manipulate the filter core with a gate or a trigger to make snappy percussive sounds. Using cutoff and resonance as amplitude and decay, you can get all manner of bass drums, toms, and more at just 12hp!

Mutable Instruments Stages – $289

Stages by Mutable Instruments (so good that we’re mentioning them twice) is an incredibly flexible six-stage envelope generator with control voltage for each generator. We can break the six stages down into six individual release envelopes too. All of this at only 14hp in width.

Each stage can loop to create six LFOs that you can sync together or a six-step pitch sequencer.

You can play with the individual segments and process them to create incredibly interesting results. The Ramp utility can loop on itself and become an LFO, Hold can actually delay a control voltage, and the Step can also slide the control voltage.

If you wanted to add a trigger signal then the self-looping Ramp can become a tempo-synced LFO too. In this scenario, Hold then becomes a pulse generator, and the Step segment becomes a sample-and-hold tool.

There are so many options with this module that you just have to try it.

Dreadbox Nostalgia – $106.73

With its three-stage hybrid delay that’s based on the same circuit as their Erebus synthesizer, Dreadbox recognises that even guitars may want some nostalgic echo. Therefore, they have equipped this sweet module, Nostalgia, with both line-level and modular-level inputs.

This makes the module fit for your modular synth while also making it universal at only 10hp in width. As long as it’s receiving power, you can run anything with a line output through Nostalgia’s three-stage delay! Delay times vary from 30ms up to one second, and the output echo level has volume reduction that equates to half that of the incoming signal, and the different echo stages have independent controls.

How’s that for creating space?

Intellijel Metropolis – $ 581.87

Intellijel’s Metropolis has been one of the best Eurorack sequencers around for a while.

This is very much due to its hands-on playability, with eight sliders that set pitch, as well as steps that we can toggle between on and off.

For those that love alien sounds, an acidic style pitch bend really does funk the sound up. Forget Roland’s TR-808, all the acid you need is right here.

We can use its two assignable CV inputs to adjust parameters such as pitch, key transposition or even gate length. The Metropolis is straightforward enough to pick up and jam with straight away, but don’t start to think the fun ends there. There’s a world of depth to explore that will keep you coming back.

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