Behringer returns to the hardware scene with their all pink percussion synth. Is the Behringer Edge the perfect accompaniment for the Behringer Crave? We think so.

A semi-modular percussion that heralds the pre-digital world with its pure analog signal path, reports MusicTech.

If the eye-catching colour isn’t enough to grab your attention, then the tech specs should. The Edge is going to have two oscillators with both triangle and square waveforms, as well as a noise generator with both pink and white included.

If that’s not enough, let’s talk soundwave editing. The synthesizer will feature a decay envelope and both high and low pass filtering!

But what about laying down a beat? Well, the Edge is reportedly going to have two eight-step sequencers with pitch and velocity knobs – how’s that for flexibility?

Did you notice the expansive patch bay at the top of the instrument? We thought so. The patch bay should offer a plethora of creative options for you to design sounds with a unique edge to them… and also the ability to integrate the Edge into a much bigger setup. should your heart desire.

Not only does this semi-modular synth pack all the good stuff that a semi-modular should, but the Edge also has support for MIDI with both a MIDI In and MIDI Out port on the back of the hardware!

For connectivity, its USB 2.0 port will give you more control when connecting the Edge to your DAW!

Here’s the introduction video for the Edge by Behringer themselves:

The Behringer Edge is going to be priced at $219. Behringer, however, hasn’t yet announced when it will be available for purchase. They just love to tease us, don’t they?

But let’s talk about the Edge’s older sibling – the Behringer Crave.

The bright pink Edge features a form similar to the bright orange Crave. The Crave was released in October 2019.

The Crave is as compact as the Edge, is much of an analog semi-modular synth as the Edge, and it also that wears its 32-step sequencer and arpeggiator with pride.

You may be familiar with the Prophet 5? Well, the Crave is designed to pay homage to the synth that was at the heart of many of the biggest sounds from the ’80s and ’90s!

Behringer has paid close attention to the original analogue circuitry of the Prophet 5, with particular attention to detail to the design of its voltage-controlled oscillator, filter, and amplifier designs to recreate the sound we all know and love of the Prophet 5!

As well s the super cool analog design, the design of the filter in the Crave is a design based upon the Moog 24dB ladder filter… which, again, can be used as a low or high pass filter.

Behringer boasts that the oscillator on the Crave is “super-rich” with its pulse and sawtooth wave outputs, as well as also featuring a noise generator.

Are these two synths the perfect pair for music makers?

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