Bitwig Studio invites you to bring the sounds of a world-class symphony into your DAW along with Orchestral Strings.

Orchestral Strings is a free sound package topped to the brim with top-quality sounds from Bitwig and Orchestral Tools, reports Ask Audio.

Bitwig has partnered with Orchestral Tools, who is one of the leading creators of symphonic sample packs and virtual instruments, to bring us Orchestral Strings. Here’s a pack that features recordings that are full of detail and made by virtual instrument-making pros for music-making pros. One famous example of Orchestral Tools’s previous creation is the Berlin Strings pack!

From plucks to sustained notes, you’ll find a plethora of tension and release inside Orchestral Strings. All sounds are organized into useful categories such as Pizzicato and Tremolo inside the Bitwig Sampler. Not only this but the samples are also featured inside into a multitude of creative presets that make use of Note FX and other processing. You can jump in and start writing music as soon as you open the pack inside Bitwig!

All of the samples inside the Orchestral Strings pack were recorded by a string ensemble on the scoring stage at the famous Teldex Studio in Berlin. Due to its historic location, Teldex Studio is one of the world’s most renowned classical music recording studios. The studio has a characteristically unique collection of vintage microphones, as well as a house of engineering expertise.

Germany’s top orchestras have each performed in this space ever since the studio was built to be a concert venue for infamous groups such as the Berlin Philharmonic way back in 1890. It became Teldec Studios after the World Wars.

The Orchestral Strings sound package is now available for free for those of us with a Bitwig Studio license. Holders with an active Upgrade Plan can access the pack for free via Dashboard > Packages > Partner Collection.

Your Bitwig Studio must be updated at version 4.1.2 or later.

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