Royer Labs come crashing into the new year with its second-generation in-line signal booster, the dBooster2, reports Gear News.

The dBooster 2 y Royer Labs, Source: Royer Labs

The dBooster 2 brings us both a phantom-powered signal booster as well as an impedance buffer for ribbon and dynamic microphones. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The dBooster has independent 2-channel functionality and DI features designed for unbalanced instruments such as electric guitar, bass guitars, and other sources. Both of the channels can work independently as in-line signal boosters or Direct Injection.

We can actually use the dBooster2 as a studio or live performance tool. With the dBooster, we can boost mic signals, mic up sound sources with little loudness about them, record into our DAW directly, as well as connect our gear together with long cables.

Should you use the dBooster as a signal booster then both channels increase the level of passive low-output ribbon and dynamic microphones. It does this with very little distortion or signal coloration! Both of the channels of the dBooster2 bring two levels of clean gain boost, and these are of 12dB or 20dB in Mic Mode (which you can select with a front panel switch). The Class A input of the dBooster2 has a high impedance value, so microphones have a strong headroom.

Were we to use the dBooster2 as a DI input for unbalanced sources such as guitars, then the dBooster2 can provide either 0dB or 8dB of gain which we can select from the front panel switch. The DI input is single-ended with high-impedance (230K-Ohm) to maintain headroom and clean gain, no matter of signal load. To connect to digital interfaces and mic preamps, the dBooster2 uses balanced outputs with low impedance.

The Royer Labs dBooster2 In-Line Signal Booster is sold at an introductory street price of $299. and will begin shipping this month January 2022.

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