The Cascading FET Amplifier by Brtish Noise Electronics has 4 channels of JFET saturation in just one small Eurorack module.

Each amplification stage cascades into the next one, and each cascaded stage has its own individual gain and controls, reports Gear News.

4 JFET amplification stages are all lined up side by side. Each amplification stage has individual gain and voltage-controlled feedback parameters too. Both amplification stages 2 and 4 have Sub and Air EQ that share the same knobs. Not only this but there is a reverse switch to invert the controls of stage 2 amplification.

The Cascading FET Amplifier uses 4 amp stages to saturate your signal, Source: Gear News

Each stage is normalized when it enters the next. If you plug into channel 1 only, the Cascading FET Amplifier can send your signal through 4 multiplying stages of both gain and saturation. You can output the same signal at any of the amplification stages with increasing distortion as the signal reaches each stage in the cascading chain.

4 Cascading JFET amplification stages to be used individually or in series, each stage has voltage controlled feedback, stage 2 & 4 have a Sub and Air EQ sharing the same knobs, a reverse switch allows for the controls of stage 2 to be inverted.

British Noise Electronics

British Noise Electronics have suggested that plugging a punchy sound such as a kick into the unit allows you for a crisp sound at stage 2, with its boosted Sub control, and then blend the same sound with a distorted version at stage 4 for extra bite.

Both the Sub and Air band EQ controls have mastering potential, and you could sum stages 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 to output a stereo mastering configuration.

You can preorder Cascading FET Amplifier now for just £220.

If you’re looking for some punchy kick drum or similar percussion sounds to route through the Cascading FET Amplifier, we’ve got you.

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