Look Mum No Computer has, once again, innovated and created an incredibly unique project, this time in collaboration with Estefannie. Using a Raspberry Pi, some knobs, breadboards, resistors, a label maker, and other techy bits, they’ve created a synth that uses fluctuating cryptocurrency price points and converts that data into audio.

Using 10 cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, Bitcoin & Ethereum, the synth measures the values of these different coins and represents them as pitches.

With a multitude of the ten different currencies that are fluctuating in pitch as they do in value, the synth is as polyphonic as they come. Each coin is paired with a volume knob (actually, the breadboard is paired with a volume knob but that doesn’t sound as fun), which allows for isolating or pairing as many voices as you desire.

However, Look Mum No Computer wasn’t the only tech guru that created this instrument. Any hardware needs a coordinating piece of software; that’s where Estefannie comes in.

“I needed to write a program that gets crypto values in real-time as input and outputs voltages that change every time the crypto coin value changes”, says Estefannie. If the value of a coin goes up, the corresponding voltage goes up with it!

Hour-long demonstration of Lok Mum No Computer & Estefannie’s synth that feeds on fluctuating crypto values.

The niche piece of tech will live in The Museum of Everything Else, a museum that celebrates experimental technology, in Kent.

The demonstrations first went live on YouTube on July 10th.

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