Audiority has announced their free phase shifter plugin which is a digital simulation of the MXR Phase 90 guitar pedal that rose to power in the 70s.

The Dr Phase plugin can add movement and unique character to any instrument it’s applied to. You could use it on pretty much any instrument channel, including synths. It’s not limited to guitar tracks by any means, reports Producer Feed.

The MXR Phase 90 pedal, originally designed by Jim Dunlop, was renowned for its simple interface. A user could select between a subtle and shimmery phase effect all the way to a high-velocity swooshing sound. Audiority’s Dr Phase is visually similar to the original MXR pedal. But, to modernise the pedal, Audiority has digitized the features and effects. Huzzah!

Lets’ talk about its features, shall we? Changing the ‘speed’ dial on the plugin’s interface will change the frequency of the phaser. At a lower speed, the effect will be that of the subtle shimmer we mentioned. In contrast, a higher speed will create that wavy sound that phasers are known for.

Whether you automate or manually turn it on or off, you can do this via a switch that sits under the ‘speed’ feature.

As we’re dealing with phase, aliasing may become an issue. So, the ‘HQ’ button enables oversampling to help reduce aliasing when you saturate your signal.

Included, too, is a ‘Vintage Mode’ that can create a sound that calls back to the 70s and 80s when phaser effect pedals were used by most guitar players. Vintage mode removes the feedback resistor from the circuit for a smoother phasing effect.

Standard with global controls on plugins, Dr Phase features ‘in,’ ‘out,’ and ‘mix’ parameters you can control.

Other Features of Dr Phase

  • Analog Modeled Phaser
  • Modulation Speed
  • Vintage Mode
  • Speed Sync
  • Pre and Post effect gain
  • Mix control
  • Noise Gate
  • Resizable interface

Dr Phasen is available in 64-bit for both Windows and macOS, and is available as a VST2, VST3, and AU plugin

Download Dr Phse here!

Audiority Dr Phase – FREE Analog Phaser Plugin – Quick Demo

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