EarMaster is an app designed to make learning music theory easier and fun! Ear Master has a focus on ear training, sight-singing, core music theory and rhythm training too!

EarMaster has 2500 lessons that’ll allow you to become a better musician, Source: EarMaster

Currently available on Windows, Mac, and iOS, but EarMaster is now releasing an Android version of its ear training app! EarMaster is widely used by both musicians and music schools to learn and hone their music theory skills in aural training, sight-singing, core music theory, and rhythm.

The new Android version of EarMaster is optimized to be compatible with phones, tablets, as well as Chromebooks too. Now with this Android optimization, EarMaster is a prime choice for musicians and music schools that are searching for music theory training that, up until now, they have only been able to find on Windows and Mac systems.

EarMaster has a whopping 2500 lessons that have been created by music theory teachers that are renowned in their field. Teachers from the USA and Denmark have created the app for musicians and students of all skill levels that are playing any instrument!

Here’s how EarMaster can benefit you and your music, as reported by Ask.Audio:

  • train to hear and write intervals, chords, scales, harmonic progressions, and melodies
  • practice their sight-singing skills with instant feedback on their intonation and timing
  • improve their rhythmic accuracy with 4 rhythmic workshops
  • learn or revise core music theory concepts with a Beginner’s Course
  • develop their swing with Jazz workshops for advanced users

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