On November 26th, you could find yourself with a completely free plugin by the music tech guru that is Waves. But, it’s all a big mystery. Nobody will know what the plugin is until the day itself, except maybe Waves…

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It’s that time of year again. Halloween has been and gone and it’s not quite Christmas yet…, so, it’s Black Friday!

And Waves are all over it yet again. They’ve been relentless with their tidal wave of deals and discounts. And, in good fashion, they’re offering us a completely free mystery plugin on Black Friday.

But what could it be? What goodies do Waves have in store for us? Could it be one of their EQ‘s, or a reverb or compression legend? What about one of their many utility plugins like a loudness meter?

The sheer amount of deals and discounts that Waves offer, seemingly at all times, means we could be in for a real treat. We can make all of the assumptions in the world, but the truth is that the chances of us guessing correctly is so slim because Waves have so much to offer.

But we have no doubt that they’ll be able to surprise us as they have done so many times before. We’re sure that whatever they give us it’ll be a top-quality gift that our curiosity will be more than satisfied with.

So, get involved! Sign up by entering your email address into the sign-up link we have included at the top of the article. Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and wait until November 26th. And when you do have, the deals don’t end there.

As we mentioned, Waves have become accustomed to always offering deals on plugins. Usually, you can bag a massive plugin for £29,99.

And with that said, lets’ talk about Waves’s Black Friday Early Bird sale. If you’ve not yet had a peep at what’s in store here, we recommend jumping on that right now!  As ever they have top-selling plugins selling for discounted prices… and at the very generous rates of £29.99!

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