Our technological partners, smartphones, have made tuning our guitars easier than ever. You can find an app or ask our trustee friend Google Assistant to find one for you. But Google wanted to take this one step further, Engadget reports. They’ve launched a chromatic tuner right within Search!

Google’s Guitar Tuner, Source: engadget

Above, you can see the powerhouse that is Google’s new guitar tuner on desktop. Housed in their ever more efficient Chrome browser, Google makes the process of tuning painless.

Telling Android Police, Google says it’s rolled out this new Search feature, which is completely accessible on any device. 

As I’m sure you probably do, the device you’re using needs to feature a functioning microphone to be able to hear your instrument, and you’ll need to give the feature permission to access it. 

Where the tuner differs from Google’s Assistant is that the assistant needs a device that can actually access the voice assistant. The tuner, however, is accessible by simply typing in Google Search on mobile or desktop! All you need to do is type in “google tuner” (as above) to see it appear at the top of the results page!

Android Police report that its effectiveness depends on the microphone of your device. Some devices may require you to pluck your guitar string harder in order to tune effectively and/or pluck closer to the microphone.

In some cases, it may also be that computers work better than mobiles.

Once operational, Google’s tuner will inform you whether your instrument is in tune or if you need to adjust it (with the help of Google’s tuner)!

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