Undiscovered artists will be overjoyed to learn that the upcoming platform SoundOn by TikTok will be a separate entrance to be discovered that’s made for them.

In an interview with Music Business Worldwide, TikTok’s Global Head Of Music, Ole Obermann, claimed it will make it easier for indie artists to get their music on the platform and get discovered, MusicTech reports.

“We’ve heard from many artists that when they upload music to TikTok, they feel like they’re walking into a venue but they can’t find their way to the stage – to define their audience – because the platform’s just so vast,” he said. “SoundOn is like a well-lit entryway to that stage.”

“Through SoundOn we’re going to organise the ecosystem of unsigned artists in a way that doesn’t exist today and has never existed before. I think that’s going to make it easier for artists to find their fans. And then for labels and publishers to find those artists. The [industry’s] entire A&R process, I think, will become more efficient off the back of it.”

We’ve seen a giant boom in live streams over the past year or two, and TikTok has announced plans to get involved and compete with the likes of Twitch by monetising live streams in the future.

Just recently, TikTok held its Lotte Duty Free Concert – a live stream concert in Korea where K-Pop star bands such as Twice and BTS performed. The stream gained had 600,000 viewers… that’s a lot of ears!

Access was only granted to users with an admission code that they gained via registering for a ‘Lotte Duty Free’ membership through the brand’s official website.

“We recently did a few tests in the US where we worked with big-name artists to enable them to sell physical products off of their TikTok accounts. The numbers were massive,” Obermann said.

Obermann also emphasised that TikTok’s recently released HeadStream.

HeadStream caters towards major labels and allows artists to premiere their new releases, as well as tease music snippets and interact with fans in its live chat features! This allows them to be interviewed about their music and creative process!

The 30-minute interactive live series has been a reasonable success with artists such as Demi Lovato and J Balvin.

Their HeadStream drew 450,000 unique viewers to their page… I don’t know about you, but think these services are racking up some big numbers.

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