Mixxed are aiming beyond the stars because we want to provide a platform that allows you to sell your sample packs easily, fairly, and effciently. An idea is only as good as how it’s communicated, so we want to provide you with information on how we make it as easy as possible to sell your samples!

Mixxed Home Page Priority Slot

A home page is where it’s at. Presenting your pack right in front of new audiences as soon as they land on a home page is a jaw dropping way to attract new eyes.. and ears.

That’s where our Priority Slot comes in. We want you to get the most out of your packs, and we strive to make that as easy as possible for everyone.

When we humans log in, load up a browser & click on the website we’re after – we’ve already used up precious time – time that could be used to find new sample packs. So, it’s our job to keep our users interested, and we do that by rewarding their efforts with – you guessed it – awesome sample packs! What better way to do that than with a home page so full of delicious audio?

The application process is open to all contributors who upload to our site. Our team of experienced curators will review any and all applications submitted to us.

Contributor Pages

Now that we’re high in the sky with this air balloon of opportunity, we wanted to talk about our other tools that are completely at your disposal!

Your Mixxed Contributor page hosts your hot-of-the-press description about yourself or your brand, hosts a profile picture for your logo, but of course leaving room for your social media links.

In your contributor description, you can feature as many keywords that describe you or your brand. We recommend aiming for a mixture of both long-tail keywords & regular keywords.

Your contributor page will be the hub where all of your uploaded Mixxed packs can be found, so let’s explore what any of your pack pages allow you to do for you optimise downloads!


Our Pack Pages are dedicated pages for your individual packs. All information that you insert about each pack will be displayed on their product pages.

Information presented to users browsing your packs include:

  1. Pack Description

    Like on your Contributor page, your description of your pack is very important. Key words plays a massive role and could be the difference between how many downloads your pack gets. Be sure to include any relevant words that describe the theme, tone and genre of your pack. Every detail that you can think of taht explains your pack, jot it down as simply as possible – it’s imortant for descriptions to flow and sopund natural. Aim to keep your descriptions clear, focused and to the point. It could be a good idea to write a few rough drafts that include the keywords relevant to your pack and see which you like the best!

    If you were uploading a bass sample pack, you’d want to include words like bass, bass drop, deep, and impact. If you were making this pack for a particular genre like DnB, inserting “Drum and Bass” into the genre field and description brings a user to0 your pack much faster.

    Maybe take some time to investigate what words other sample creators in your field are using in their pack descriptions and their tags too! We don’t recommend copying (at least not all the time), but we do recommend using the words they use as inspiration for you to find more.
  2. Sample Tags

    In the same way as your pack description is, Sample Tags are a front an centre method for inserting as many key words as possible. Tags should always be relevant to your pack, and researching what other creators are using as keywords is also beneficiakl too.

    Sample Tags can feature words such as braam (a descriptive word for loud & impactful sounds), as well as words we previously mentioned from bass to impact!
  3. Artwork

    We’ve already covered this, but it can’t hurt to talk about it again. Colurful artwork is eye catching, while relevant sends a strong message about the pack inside. Artwork, however, cannot feature any material under trademark. Artwork can be one of your most useful tools to entice a users interest and them to click on your pack or sample.

    Do your best to make it stand out!


The idea of a billboard is to have the brand right in front of those driving by. Fancy some fast food? Need some new tyres?

Well… bill boards are kinda dated, don’t you think? Maybe not quite so dated because we do remember the brands on them… but not always the products.

Well, Mixxed are all about our community, and the products our community members create. We want your packs to be downloaded, used, manipulated, and turned into epic songs day after day!

An accessible sample market that allows budding producers and professional studio engineers alike to create, create, and create some more is our dream, and we’ve implemented these tools we’ve shared with you to better our chances at achieving our mission!

If you’d like to join our vision of a sample market that supports a learning producer as equally as the studio guru, sign up today!