Spitfire Audio has announced the release of LABS Glass Piano, a free virtual instrument plugin for Windows and macOS, reports Producer Feed.

Spitfire Audio LABS
Spitfire Audio LABS’ latest edition, LABS Glass Piano, is a digital emulation of Phillip Glass’s home piano. It’s the same piano he has used to score motion pictures like Hamburger Hill and Secret Window, Source: Sound On Sound

Spitfire Audio LABS is full of amazing free sounds that anyone would think came from a paid sound library. However, LABS Glass Piano is a special kit. It has a long history with epic film scores, and that’s what Spitfire Audio lives for.

Glass Piano is actually the sound of the baby grand piano that Phillip Glass loved to feature in his infamous compositions. Glass is a composer well known for scoring films like Hamburger Hill and Secret Window.

LABS Glass Piano and Phillip Glass

Spitfire Audio has sampled recordings of the baby piano and has created a virtual instrument that sounds equally as much. The recording of the piano took place at Phillip Glass’s home in New York. Glass composed so much of his work at home on the piano. Why not record the magic where it happens best?

Glass Piano has a sweet sound with an atmospheric quality. Playing major chords really does sound joyful, but minor chords add a darker tinge to the sound. It’s a more gripping sound that listeners can get sucked in by..

Glass Piano functions with the free plugin from Spitfire Audio. The plugin is available in AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows.

Discover the unique sonic personality of this baby grand with a range of sounds — from classic and beautiful, to soft and atmospheric.

Spitfire Audio

Find out more about LABS Glass Piano here.

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