Welcome to a harmonious rendezvous where creativity meets innovation. In the ever-evolving realm of music production, finding the perfect sound is a journey filled with inspiration and sonic exploration. Our blog, “Newly Featured Samples This Week,” is your gateway to the freshest, most captivating sounds in the world of music. Each week, we curate a symphony of samples designed to elevate your music production game. Whether you’re a seasoned producer searching for that elusive beat or an aspiring artist seeking a unique sonic palette, our weekly offerings promise to spark your imagination and breathe life into your musical visions. So, step into the world of soundscapes waiting to be explored, and let your creativity soar to new heights.

Deep & Raw

This sample pack offers a comprehensive set of deep house loops that are not only of high quality but also designed to streamline your music production process and enhance your creative capabilities. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, this pack could be a valuable addition to your toolkit for creating deep house music.

Cycles & Spots deliver a solid deep house pack to build dozens of cool basic structures for minimal raw deep tracks. You’ll get quality chord, bassline, kick, clap, top & percussion sequence loops. Combine this stuff and make groovin tracks in no time while at the same time, having the biggest fun. This product is carefully handcrafted for your best producing experience and best possible entertainment. Please Note: Vocals in Demo are taken from our pack “Deep Tech Vocal Engine”. Pack Contents: 300 Loops 50 Bassline Loops 50 Chord Loops 50 Top Loops 50 Kick Loops 50 Percussion Loops 50 Clap Loops

Deep House Elements

This sample pack appears to be a valuable resource for Deep House music producers, offering a wide range of high-quality loops that can save time, spark creativity, and help you achieve professional results effortlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, this pack seems like a useful addition to your music production toolkit.

C&S presents everything you need to produce authentic Deep House trax. A set of over 250 loops inc bass, keys, percussions, claps to kicks in a fine deep style. Put many of these together or get inspired by single ones to archive ace results with no effort. This product is carefully handcrafted for your best producing experience and best possible entertainment. Put together some of these loops or get inspired by single ones and add your own flavor to complete your productions.

Drums To Die For Vol 5

“Drums To Die For Vol. 5” appears to be a valuable collection of high-quality drum one-shot samples suitable for a variety of contemporary music genres. Its versatility, curated selection, sound character, and attention to detail make it a compelling choice for producers looking to enhance their drum sound and overall music production quality.

Drums To Die For Vol. 5 is a flavorful sample library featuring powerful drum one-shot samples created for those on the forefront of Hip-Hop, Trap, R&B, Underground, and Pop genre production. This sample pack features a heavily curated palette of 60 choice urban kicks, hats, and snares. These drum hits are dry, punchy, warm and optimized for sequencing drum beats and more. All files are supplied to you in high quality 24bit WAV format that can be used in the most popular samplers, DAWs, plugins with drag & drop plugin features and more. Each sample has been fine-tuned to bring you outstanding one of a kind character, texture, depth and detail in every hit. If you want you want to have modern hip hop drums that sound right and tight, Drums To Die For Vol. 5 will be sure to add the weight of today’s elite. Note: This pack contains only one-shot drum samples. Other loops and melodies used in the audio preview are for demo purposes only.

Emotional Lofi Sultry Vibes

“Emotional Lo-fi: Sultry Vibes” offers a comprehensive, high-quality, and versatile collection of samples and loops designed to cater to modern music styles. Whether you’re producing lo-fi hip-hop, R&B, or related genres, this pack provides the tools and inspiration you need to create emotional and soulful music.

This pack includes 116 laid-back R&B loops, fuzzy lo-fi drum one shots, soulful melodies, moody keys, lush pads progressions, nostalgic beat patterns, layers, flavorful percussion, textures, accents, vibe setting sound effects & more. Emotional Lo-fi: Sultry Vibes is a new age lo-fi sample pack featuring an artisan collection of heavily designed drum samples and stock full with lush R&B melodics hitting a variety of styles like: Chill, Lo-fi Hip hop, Downtempo, Soul, R&B, Electro, Minimal as well as other popular lo-fi music genres. Inside you get everything needed to create the booming & most “sought after” vibes of melodic soulful R&B as well as Lo-fi hip hop music. Explore through chill frequencies, sultry vibes, low keys and experience the warm fuzzy feelings inside. Unlock this power pack of lo-fi soul & R&B today! Product details: 116 one-shots & loops 52 one shots 64 loops All in high quality 48k/24bit .wav audio file format 12 drum loops 38 melodic instrumental layer loops 8 percussion loops 6 sound effect loops 8 hi hat one shots 11 kick one shots 8 percussion one shots 8 sound effect one shots 10 snare one shots 7 melodic one shots All files form, key & bpm labelled

Outlandish Structures

This pack is a glitch sample pack designed to offer unique and experimental sounds for ambient and experimental music production. With a large number of loops and a focus on unusual rhythms and sounds, it provides producers with a wealth of creative possibilities to explore and integrate into their compositions.

Cycles & Spots present an awesome glitch sample pack with Outlandish Structures that features 200 rhythmic plus another 200 harmonic loops. These are perfect for Ambient or experimental music productions. The focus in the shaping of these materials was in making them sound unusual in terms of rhythm and sound. If you’re searching for interesting flavours to add to your creations or you want to make an entirely out of the norm piece then you’ve come to the right place. Pack Contents: 400 Wav Loops: 200 Glitch Rhythms 200 Glitch Synths Total Number Of Files: 400

Iconic Trip Hop Downtempo

“Iconic Trip Hop Downtempo Construction Kit” offers a versatile and customizable collection of samples that can help you create introspective, thought-provoking, and emotionally charged music across various genres. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this pack provides valuable resources to enhance your music production projects.

Walk into a world of introspection, thought-provoking construction kits with trip-hop drums and ambience tones. Lay down some warm, gritty, psychedelic emotion-filled drums and melodies, drag and drop the layers of each full track inside to construct your music how you want it to sound. Splice out your samples and so much more. Iconic Trip Hop Downtempo Construction Kit is a great way to start your next beat or full length song. Make a hit today! No excuses! Iconic Trip Hop Downtempo Construction Kit contains 9 construction kits featuring genres: Trip Hop, Underground, and Alternative, that add warmth, weight and clarity to your mix. All samples are sound designed, and engineered to mimic the vintage feel of the SP1200. Product Details: * 9 Construction Kits * BPM’s included – 74, 80, 89, 120, 135, 140, 145 * Mixed and Mastered

Glitch Madness 2

“Glitch Madness 2” offers a substantial and versatile collection of harmonical and percussive loops, making it a valuable resource for music producers across different genres. Whether you’re looking to create ambient soundscapes or experiment with abstract beats, this pack provides the tools and inspiration to enhance your music production projects.

Cycles & Spots have built 1.37 GB of new content for the follow up of Glitch Madness in the form of 319 WAV loops. These are divided into 162 harmonical and 153 percussive elements. All loops have a rhythmical component to them, the percussive ones are meant to build abstract beats and the harmonical ones tend towards melodic content. Anything between Ambient and even kind of danceable music genres can be made with this fine pack. Some loops have irregular lengths to be able to easily form polyrhythms with them, if wished for. In general, the loops are rather long for more variation. Product Details: • 319 WAV Loops: • 165 Percussive • 153 Harmonical • 1.37 GB

Night Drive Phonk

“Night Drive Phonk” offers a collection of Phonk-specific sounds and loops that are professionally crafted and labeled for ease of use. Whether you’re a Phonk enthusiast or looking to experiment with this genre, this pack provides the necessary tools to create dark and atmospheric tracks with an authentic Phonk vibe.

‘Night Drive Phonk’ by Banger Samples – will provide you with the most popular drift sounds to help you produce your next Ambient Phonk track, it comes with amazing Cowbell Loops, Dark Synths, One Shots, Full Drums & Reese Bass Loops and more. Just drag and drop the WAV files into your DAW of choice to get started on hits straight away. All sound files are professionally mixed, mastered and Ready to use. Product Details: • 10 Bass Loops • 07 Cowbell Loops • 10 Close Hat Loops • 16 Full Drum Loops • 10 Kick Loops • 06 Open Hat Loops • 09 Perc Loops • 15 Snare Loops • 20 Top Loops • 19 Music Loops • Bpm, Tempo & Key Labeled

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