The Mixxed sample library continues to grow, and we continue to find more and more amazing sounds within these packs. By digging through our catalog of beautifully produced audio, you’ll find inspiration that will compel you to turn a segment of audio into a fully fleshed-out track.

Let’s take a dive into our favorite ten sample packs on Mixxed this month!

Medieval Melodics by Catalyst Samples

Now you can bring the sound of the Medieval ages to your listener, courtesy of Catalyst Samples. Medieval Melodics has taken our top spot this month because it’s such a unique sample pack. Now you can take your listener back in time to the music that kings drank mead and partied to.

Medieval Melodics will fit perfectly into your Trap music. Slap an 808 under a Medieval progression and you have what is known as a dank beat. Medieval music has been long forgotten as pop music swarms the minds of everyone. Now you can use this to your advantage. With Medieval Melodics, your beats will stand out from the crowd like a jester at a royal court because no one will see it coming.

In the pack, you’ll find melodic loops made up of acoustic guitars, flutes, keys, violins & organs. Fresh yet nostalgic.

Wireless Guitar Loop Kit by TrakTrain

Wireless guitar loop kit is a tool to be sued to flesh out ideas, find inspiration, and make a fully polished track in no time. Both dry (as recorded) and processed versions of the included samples are available. You can use what’s been made or add your own twist with your own processing. 100 audio files await your finishing touch!

The contents of Wireless Guitar Kit will sit perfectly in genres such as Emo Trap, New Age, EDM, and Lo-Fi. But if you’ve got the patience, the willingness to learn or you already have the know-how then you can make these samples fit into any beat with its wide range of tones and moods.

What tones and moods, you ask? Well, the classic moody vibes of Emo Rap, as well as hopeful, uplifting, and chilled guitar riffs. The author of the pack didn’t keep these tones segregated at all times, either. At times, they have mixed them into one set of loops with the same harmony. Masterfully used effects smooth the divide, but the unprocessed versions are just as sweet.

No Cupid 2 by The Crushboys

No Cupid 2 is inspired by the sounds of its predecessor ‘No Cupid’.

No Cupid 2 is a vocal pack that’s DAW ready, so you can unpack and get straight to work. 32 files come part and parcel, including melodic melodies, vocal one-shots, melodies curated specifically for top-line layers, and so much more.

Many unique flavors await your music in No Cupid 2 to make your music stand further out from the crowd. No Cupid 2 will excite the emotions of your listener, but not before they excite your own. Any producer in need of a cutting-edge vocal line will find their wants and needs satisfied inside No Cupid 2.

No Cupid 2 is suitable for Pop, Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, Tech House, Future Bass… and, quite frankly, you could make these vocal lines sit in a lot of experimental styles too What really matters is how far you’re prepared to go with resampling.

Baby Talk 2 by Cartel Loops

Bassline, melody, and percussion loops await your ears inside Baby Talk 2.

Baby Talk 2 includes five modern Trap kits, packed to the brim with content that’ll allow you to produce a trap beat from start to finish. This pack finds its inspiration in the current trends in Trap music and the artists smashing it on the global stage. All the samples have been mixed and exported in both wet and dry variants.

Fresh and inspirational sounds await you. So, what are you waiting for?

R&B Certified by The Highest Producers

Characteristically soulful tones wait in, you guessed it, R& B sample pack.

Looking to keep it light? Maybe send your listener into the nostalgia zone? Well, you can do all that and a lot more with R&B Certified. Heartfelt loops to bring a tear to your listener’s eye, R&B Certified is the pack for your music productions if they’re lacking a tame jazz feel.

Oh, but that’s not all. The weird and wonderful also sit lurking in R&B Certified. Amazing textures that are perfect for building atmospheres and giving your tracks a character like no other sit among some of the more classic R&B loops you’d expect to see in an R&B sample pack. A multitude of sound libraries has been used to create this amazing pack, from Lush Pads and Drenched Synth to Soulful Keys and Distant Vocals.

Hip Hop Tapes by BFractal Music

BFractal Music makes their return to the sample stage with a pack that has roots in the alternative hip-hop sound.

The unfamiliar and somewhat dark side of Hip Hop is all featured here in Hip Hop Tapes. Together, we can journey into uncharted waters with this forward-thinking collection of beats and one-shots. Perfect for both fleshing out ideas and creating whole new ones, Hip Hop Tapes is a futuristic Hip Hop pack that explores the experimental, granular beats and the classic Lo-Fi vinyl sounds. Both rappers and beat producers in search of a set of rhythmic tools with a particular character will find a pack they’ll love with Hip Hop Tapes.

All content has been mixed and EQ’d for a sonic blend that allows for further processing thanks to the extra headroom.

Alone – Dark Chill & Cinematic by Code Sounds

Code Sounds bring a plethora of atmospheric loops with a sinister twinge to them.

A sample pack for film, TV, games, and music, Alone – Dark Chill & Cinematic is a truly expansive collection of eerie textures. From dark atmospheres to lush pads, as well as Lo-Fi downtempo beats. Inside, you’ll find distinct sounds full of tones and textures that try to put into sound what it’s like to be alone in a dark. Might we say that we think the pack does do a pretty good job, too?

You’ll find yourself in mysterious spaces and unsettling environments, and so will your listener. But even in the darkest places, there is always hope. Deep chord progressions and melodies may linger and resolve themselves, but there are subtle uplifts that rise too.

Alone – Dark Chill & Cinematic is an essential tool for Ambient, Chill, and Downtempo producers that are looking to create a unique cinematic mood in their music.

Japanese Aero by Double Bang Music

Japanese Aero by Double Bang Music brings the phantom samurai. Musical instruments in traditional Japanese folk music all reside in this pack, from the Shamisen to the Biwa, and more. On top of this cultural style comes a mixture of different processing and effects.

You’ll find a wide range of unique atmospheres and melodies that make use of spectral effects, dynamic effects, and more. Not to mention an interesting twist of reverse style audio too.

On top of the strings and atmospheres are drum and percussion loops too. From start to finish, you can make a truly interesting beat with a cultural twist that your peers will drop their jaws for.

Glitter House by Purple Peach

Purple Peach presents “Glitter House”, a euphoric collection of Deep House sounds inspired by the House scene in the Latin American metropolis. Expect to hear drum loops with the groove of the old school House combined with future synths, catchy vocal hooks and deep dark baselines, a mystic combination. All the sounds are crafted by local DJ’s and producers.

Lo-Fi Dreams by Future Samples

Now, you can journey through the warm, dated and dusty world of Lo-fi Hip Hop with Future Samples’ dreamy collection of melody loops.

This pack features the warmest and wobbly melodies, presented to you from a moonlit sky of clouds. Not to mention the dusty keys, crackling vinyl textures, and the jazzy chord progressions. With a melancholy piano that may just bring you to tears, this nostalgic pack is key-labeled and the samples range from 70-90 BPM.

The sampling revolution has risen in popularity and shaped music since the early 1970s. Sample culture continues to transform how millions of artists and producers do their thing in DAWs.

You too can break conventional norms, challenge the status quo, and open Pandora’s box of sound design.

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