Hollow is a ‘vast space reverb effect plugin’ with 24 delay lines, 32 filters, and a feedback matrix with up to 256 connections to reverbate our sounds in a massive delay network, reports Gear News.

Sinevibes proclaim that maxing out the settings in Hollow allows us to produce tail times in excess of 15 minutes that don’t compromise on the naturality of exponential decay. Hollow features a variable diffusion stage and a unique bi-directional pre-delay. It can make the reverb tail precede the dry input signal which sounds as weird in theory as it does in practice.

At [Hollow’s] core is a massive delay network comprised of 24 delay lines, 32 filters, and a feedback matrix with as many as 256 connections. With all settings maxed out, this engine is capable of producing tail times that exceed 15 minutes, while still having a very natural exponential decay.


A plugin for true ambiance lovers, Sinevibes really didn’t want to spare any expenses. A unison modulation comes in from four phase-shifted sine oscillators to add ‘deep, chorus-like vibrance and richness.’ Hollow also includes low-pass and high-pass damping filters and ‘a very special formula for stereo width adjustment’ to give the reverb even more field to run in.

Sinevibes also packed lag filters on all continuous parameters in the plugin. These allow us to create smoother adjustments to controls. They included consistent name, mapping, value, and unit information for all parameters in both the plug-in window and the DAW control/automation facilities.

Hollow costs only $39 (plus tax where applicable). For macOS users, Hollow needs a 64-bit Mac (Intel or Apple silicon) running macOS 10.9 or later. For Windows, it needs a 64-bit PC running Windows 8.1 or later. The available plugin formats are AU, AAX, and VST3. A demo version and user manual can be downloaded from the Sinevibes website.

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