Both Noizefield and Infected Sounds are set to release Overdose. A free wavetable synth for Windows (32- and 64-bit that offers flexible modulation and parameters.

Overdose by Noizefield and Infected Sounds, Source: KVR Audio

Overdose is well suited for popular genres, including EDM, Bounce, Trance, Trap, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, and Techno!

Overdose comes packed with 160 wavetables to create your own sounds with, and it also comes with 25 free presets for you to dive straight in and start toying with. Its four ADSR envelopes, as well as its envelopes, create opportunities for you to create a plethora of modulation effects, comparable to the likes of Serum and Vital.

For further modulation, available to you are two filters with a multitude of filter modes, an Overdose also has a vowel filter! For those that don’t know, a vowel filter is designed to create a vowel effect (a, e, i, o, u) on any signal that is run through it. To get really gritty and flexible, a ring modulator and frequency modulation allow us to make some hard bass sounds and industrial sounds.

Onboard effects include a bit crusher, distortion, a stereo chorus, as well as a phaser. The onboard trance gate adds rhythm to your signal, and its ensemble effect adds rich overtones to your sound.

Oh, and if you get bored of the aesthetic of the VST… it also has changeable colour skins!

Overdose demo, Source: YouTube

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