Softube, the makers of the renowned Tape, Tape Echoes, and more one knob plugins, bring us Dirty Tape.

Whether for Lo-fi hip-hop beats, for atmospheric purposes, or other creative uses, Dirty Tape is a tape effect that allows you to get down and dirty while keeping “the sound quality savage”.

Dirty Tape brings us warm, analog vibes that we all so love in our LO-fi. While Dirty Tape is capable of aggressive distortion and saturation, the plugin can also add subtle texture and movement to your sound.

Softube Dirty Tape is now available at an introductory price, Source: MusicRadar

Dirty Tape has two knobs to regulate all the effects we can produce with it. The simple interface allows us to add vintage lo-fi vibes to our sound without any hassle. The Dirt and Drive controls, which are based on the Dirt and Drive sections of Softube Tape Echoes, are tuned to dial the precise amount of the effect you need.

From retro distortion, saturation, and degradation to tape speed variations like pitch modulationcrosstalk, and stereo imbalance to flutter, dropouts, and wow. Dirty Tape delivers it all—with ease.


We can set the Stereo Mode to Normal, or we can use it De-coupled (dual mono) for a greater effect on the balance of our signals’ stereo image. We can adjust the Low Cut Filter to reduce low-end rumble and remove excess energy in our signal for that minimal Lo-fi feel.

Dirty Tape will allow your sounds that just aren’t sitting quite right in your mix t do so. We can fine-tune Dirty Tape to add the perfect amount of warm saturation. We can add movement, musicality, and a Lo-fi mood to our beats!

Dirty Tape is compatible with any 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, or AAX (Pro Tools 11.0.2 or higher) compatible host application.

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