In this brand new library announced by Soundiron you can expect to find a huge collection of 17 experimental musical instruments by master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin. Lamellophones are a class of musical instruments whose sound is generated by plucking or striking tuned tongues of various material attached to a board or resonator.

“We’ve included all of our unique Hopkin libraries released so far, plus two new instruments exclusive to this product: Cat’s Face and CÍque. Made of wood and steel, each custom creation has its own organic tonal flavour, multiple microphone positions, and hundreds of ambient soundscapes created from the source content.”


This product also includes Tines & Echoes, Rattletines, Woodentines, Metaltines, Miago Trod, Rumba Boxes, and The U! It provides a wide range of flexible musical tones and comes with easy-to-use layer mixing, performance tools, 140 custom effects and presets designed to inspire the imagination. The library is built for use with Kontakt 6 Player and is compatible with all NKS standard hardware.

You can get it now directly from Soundiron here, at an introductory price of $159 until June 21st. Regular pricing is $199.