The limited Midnight Edition pedals by Strymon include the popular BigSky, El Capistan, and Deco pedals. However, they’re only available for a very short time. Get your hands on them before they become collectors items!

Midnight Edition of BigSky pedal by Strymon, Source:

Strymon announced these epic pieces of limited edition hardware through Instagram, as well as an email marketing campaign to registered fans, reports

“We wanted to do a limited run of some of our favourite pedals we’ve released over the years, each finished in a sleek black and white finish as dark as the midnight sky”

“Despite their minimalist nature, the sounds waiting to be released from these limited edition pedals are as colourful and inspiring as ever!”

The Midnight Edition designs are minimal, blacked-out, monotone for popular pedals such as their BigSky ( a classic reverb pedal), El Capistan (dtape echo), and Deco (tape saturation) models. But the Deco pedal has already sold out so you bets get a shift on and get over there!

But just because the stock has sold out on the Strymon site, shops and online stores that sell Strymon equipment may well still have some left. Look around your local and online dealers if this opportunity is too good to give up.

Now is the perfect time to get your orders in if you’re shopping for epic pedals that will add style and character to your office. You may well bag yourself a Midnight Edition pedal at the standard price of the original hardware… but only while they’re in stock.

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