Studio Electronics, or sE, have brought multiple industry-leading condenser microphones to the market, including the sE2200. Their live dynamic microphones, such as the V7, bring a powerful sound to the stage too.

sE Dynacaster, Source: sE Electronics

sE continues to bring awesome microphones, this time with the sE DynaCaster, reports

The DynaCaster is a dynamic microphone for your studio while also being fit for podcasters and streamers. Streaming has exploded over the last couple of years and sE are looking to jump on the bandwagon.

The sE DynaCaster features the capsule from the V Series mic we mentioned, so the DynaCaster is an active dynamic mic. The onboard preamp offers an instant 30db of gain, and equalisation switches allow for ultimate tonal control. This sums to a low-noise performance where the sound sources tone can be shaped before the signal reaches your mic amps.

Whether you’re a live streamer, podcaster, or producer, the DynaCaster is fit for your needs. It’s a high-quality dynamic microphone ready to capture speech or vocal signals with high attention to detail.

Price-wise, it significantly undercuts the ubiquitous Shure SM7b and with this in mind, looks like another winning mic design from sE.

Dynacaster is fit s many different purposes. Maybe you’re using it to record some dope vocals? WEll, maybe it’s time to grab some melody lines and percussion to complement your sample?

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