Tone Empire‘s Firechild compressor plugin emulates the “King of Compressors”. The compressor hosts four models of Fairchild compressors in one, with three tube versions as well as and a transparent model that doesn’t add characteristic colouring to the input signal, reports

The three individual tube compressors, A, B, and C, promise to provide three unique tube saturation colours, state Tone Empire.

After having sampled the original hardware units at a multitude of different gain and compressor settings, they then utilised dynamic convolution technology to convert the samples into software recreations of the classic hardware.

The Firechild plugin also features a transparent mode that turns off the convolution and provides an output signal that is free of any added colour to give a “clean” signal. So, if you want the powerful result of the Firechild compressor without the tube colouring that comes with it, Tone Empire have you in mind.

Tone empire has also added knee control, to give you more control over the shape of the compression.

Not only this, but they’ve also included a side-chain section to the digital emulation. By using a high pass and low pass filter at a 24dB slope per octave, we can manipulate how the side-chain interacts with our signal, as well as side-chain gain.

Finally, a mix knob allows us to use the plugin for parallel processing. This is a solid win, as a bias knob allow us to dial in additional saturation on the tube compressors too.

For an introductory price of $49, and $99 thereafter, Tone Empire is offering a plugin with maximum dynamic control capabilities for us to take charge of. We reckon the Firechild plugin compressor is what your plugin folder is craving at this very moment.

For the cautious, and therefore sensible, producers among us, a 15-day trial is also available.

Firechild is compatible with both macOS and 64-bit Windows 10, in VST3, AU and AAX formats.

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