Finding inspiration can often be the hardest part of a creative process. When your canvas is completely blank it’s not so easy to decide which colour of paint to lick it with first.

We may not use a canvas or paint, but music makers often struggle to find the right sound, the right bass, or the right drum pattern to get a track started. But now, BandLab has added a new tool to their online music-making platform. BandLab Songstarter provides AI-generated ideas for kickstarting your songwriting process.

What is BandLab SongStarter?

The SongStarter AI has two ways of working. Firstly, you can “roll the dice” which activates a randomizer. IN turn, this brings you 3 variations of a beat with the same sound palette. Furthermore, you can edit all of these variations with the sun icon in the bottom left of the user interface. By clicking on the sun icon, you can change the mood of the AI-generated deas to fit a time of day. Day, sunset, or night feels are the three available options.

On the other hand, the second way of working with SonStarter allows you to insert lyrics or keywords into the generator. You have a maximum of 50 characters or emojis that you can insert, and it provides you with some pretty unique results!

The BandLab SongStarter user interface presents two ways of working. You can "roll the dice" for 3 musical variations of the same sound palette. On the other hand, you could insert lyrics or emojis into a text box and get more unique ideas.

SongStarter allows you to continuously spawn new ideas in the shape of beats, melodies, and different progressions too. Every pattern is royalty-free and you can export them straight into BandLab’s online DAW to build on the idea further.

This story was reported first by Gear News.

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