KIT Plugins has launched Core Compressor, a new plugin that wants to compete with “world-class compressors” with transformer modelling, as well as parameters such as threshold, attack, release, input and output gain. Other parameters include crush and body.

Core Compressor, Source: Guitar Girl Magazine

Core Compressor brings analog colouration and tonal to your input signal. It’s the first instalment in KIT Plugins’ new Core Series plugins with more to be released later on. Core Compressor is available at $30, reports Core compressor has been described as live-sounding and responsive to parameter tweaks.

What features does KIT Plugins’ Core Compressor offer?

  • Diverse tonal shaping ranging between super transparent all the way to crushing crush-ness
  • CRUSH mode with fixed fast attack and slow release for serious punch
  • BODY circuit applies a low-shelf filter at 250Hz with a fixed Q setting of .9 for precise tonal balancing
  • Transformer modeling tames transients while compressing
  • Wet/Dry knob for parallel compression
  • Fully-resizable user interface

Core Compressor is sold for USD 30. This is the ‘forever’ price, which is less than you’d expect to pay for a plug-in like this. Additionally, the BB N105 V2 channel strip plug-in is on sale for USD 69 (30% off) until January 3, 2022. System-wise, Core compressor works under macOS 10.11+ and Windows 7+ in 64-bit VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

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