Lyrics are the most important part of a song, and being able to keep up with them on our favourite streaming apps is amazing. We can learn the song faster so we don’t get caught out singing the wrong lyrics. Who wouldn’t want that? Being able to read and sing along to the latest release by our favourite artists, with readable lyrics on the Spotify app, even allows us to emotionally connect with the song. So, have you thought about uploading lyrical transcripts for your music yet?

But it’s not just Spotify that we can have transcripts of our music uploaded to. Amazon Music and Apple Music also support the feature!

Step 1: Upload your music to Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music

Obviously, there’s nothing to sing along to if your recording isn’t uploaded.

Distribution services such as RouteNote allow you to upload as much of your music as you wish with no upfront cost, and they only keep 15% of your monthly earnings.

Step 2: Log your lyrics with a music catalogue company

Doesn’t it feel fantastic having your first tracks uploaded? Do you feel like you’re achieving your goals?

We hope so – because you’ve taken the first step.

Your next step is to connect with your fans on a deeper level registering your lyrics on the platforms that you’ve uploaded your music to.

To do this, you can sign up for a music cataloguing service such as Genius or Musixmatch.

Step 3: Get Your Lyrics on Spotify with Genius

For the longest time, Genius has been the first choice for many musicians when they want to get their lyrics up on streaming services such as Spotify. Put simply, it’s a big (digital) book of lyrics. A big book of lyrics made up of lyrics by millions of artists.

If you’ve read the lyrics of any popular song, you may have noticed that the artist has explained the story behind the song too. Genius allows you to add notes of your own and explain the context behind your song too.

Simply create an account and upload your lyrics into Genius’ catalogue. Rather than sing the lyrics at your computer, you’ll need to create each album with the written lyrics for each song. From there, you’ll have to link your Genius account to your Spotify for Artists account too.

Once you have done this, it will take a week or so for your lyrics to show up in Spotify.

As soon as your lyrics are live, a URL in your Spotify lyrics page to your Genius lyrics’ page appears (which hosts your lyrics, as well as annotations and song facts that you have written).

Genius is a resourceful tool to get your lyrics on Spotify, as well as Amazon Music and Apple Music, but it doesn’t time lyrics with your track. Therefore, it won’t integrate directly with your music distributor.

Step 4: Get Your Lyrics on Spotify with Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a fresh platform that provides more functionality than Genius. It’s become the industry leader for sharing lyrics with audiences.

Its main feature is that it’s integrated with many music distribution services, which in turn makes it easier for streaming platforms to source your lyrics. It removes the faff!

We recommend Musixmatch compared to Genius because you can actually time your lyrics to your music. The benefits here are self-explanatory, but this allows your fans to listen and sing along in time with you!

Musixmatch will also provide a link to your lyrics page in the form of a digital sticker that you can feature in your Instagram stories to tell your fans the good news.

To get your lyrics on Musixmatch, simply sign up. To make it easier for stores to associate the right music with the right tracks, it’s a good idea to become a verified artist and utilise their new release form.

Don’t forget to get yourself verified on Spotify too.

Having your fans sing along to your lyrics is a feeling like no other. Imagine all of those people relating and getting behind your writing!

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