Our “Newly Featured Samples” blog is your gateway to a world of sonic delights. Whether you’re a music producer searching for that elusive beat, a sound designer sculpting audio landscapes, or a budding artist seeking a unique voice, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we unravel a tapestry of sounds, each carefully curated to spark your imagination and elevate your artistry.

Get ready to dive into a symphony of fresh, handpicked samples that promise to breathe life into your music. From mesmerizing melodies to earth-shaking rhythms, this week’s selection is poised to inspire your next musical masterpiece. So, tune in and discover the sounds that will shape your sonic adventures in the week ahead.

Deep Tech Beats

This is the second installment in this series of packages from Cycles & Spots. This pack has everything you need to make tracks on the deeper end of the specturm of Tech and Tech House.

Cycles & Spots deliver a more than worthy follow up to their well received Deep Tech Beats series. This time, the team has brought even fatter beats. Inside this pack you’ll find 100 beats and their No Kick equivalents ready to drop into your favorite DAW. This will get you cool results quickly, so you can focus on the main themes of your tracks. This product is carefully handcrafted for your best producing experience and best possible entertainment.

Beat Slices

This one’s a bit of a free-for-all pack. Giving you loads of usable elements for Deep House to Minimal to Techno – there’s something for all 4/4 producers in this one.

Cycles & Spots built a drum section solution pack for anything ranging from Deep House to Minimal to Techno music productions.399 wav loops in total are waiting for you to be assembled in lots of possible combinations to form beats for your projects. The content is divided into drum ensemble loops with and without kick and single element loops. That gives you maximal control to shape your rhythm section to your needs and likings. Because of this the pack is very fruitful and delivers a long lasting use.

Iconic Boom Bap

Get your Boom Bap up to scratch with this latest offering from Epic Stock media – a pack inspired by the greats of the genre, that give your tracks the sauce they need!

Meet Iconic Boom Bap. The old-school hip hop drum power pack. This little guy is the new blockbuster to the drum sample game. Warm, Punchy, Designed are a few ways to describe Iconic Boom Bap. Sound like underground hip hop legends. Includes 200+ of the best Boom Bap kicks, hats, snares and more. It’s dripping wet with hip hop drum sauce. Product Details Total of 215 files 56 Hats 64 Kicks 79 Snares 12 Percussion 5 Sound FX

Iconic Origins Hip Hop Drums Vol 1

Supercharge your drums with this collection of loops and one-shots that have been crafted to add weight and clarity to your rhythm lines.

91 files included: Iconic Origins Hip Hop Drum Vol. 1 is full of dark beat making essentials inspired by heavy-hitting NY-based beat makers. * 91 files * 17 melodies * 60 kick, snare, and hat one shots * 9 vocal samples * All in 44.1 16bit * Mixed and Mastered * Warm Hip Hop Drum Loops and Samples Welcome in one of the most useful underground hip hop drum libraries around.  Iconic Origins contains 91 flavorful hip hop samples and loops featuring genres: Apocalyptic Boom Bap, Underground, and East Coast that add weight and clarity to your mix. This is everything you need to jump in and start a fire beat. We used the same filtering techniques, creative EQ & compression as legendary hip hop producers to bring you drum that are bursting with depth, atmosphere and ready for you to add that authentic Flavour to your productions! All samples are sound designed, and engineered to mimic the vintage feel of the SP1200.

Abstract House

This unique pack provides a huge number of abstract loops and phrases to help and inspire original house compostions.

Cycles & Spots transfered their expertise in twisted weird sound design to House Music with this sample pack featuring 400 loops. The samples are devided into the categories beat, synth and synthetic percussion. All of these have an experimental character giving you unusual rhythmic and sound. The content is perfect to create not the typical House / Techno vibe but instead providing a cutting edge signature. Use single loops or combine multiple ones to create or finish your productions. Pack Contents: 400 Wav Loops: 100 Beat Loops 200 Synth Loops 100 Synth Perc Loops Total Number Of Files: 400

Glitch Madness

Get your gllitch on with Glitch Madness – if exerimental glitch genres are you vibe, then this pack is the one for you!

Cycles & Spots coming up with something different, 200 glitchy Wav loops divided into 100 rhythms and 100 harmonies. These are extra long, up to 16 bars (all 90 BPM) to provide more variations in time. These loops are suitable for futuristic Ambient, Glitch Core or other modern experimental music. Maybe you just need a a touch of glitch for your production of any other genre, that can work, too. Use single loops or combine multiple to shape your glitch sound. Pack Contents: 200 Wav Loops: 100 Rhythmic Loops 100 Harmonic Loops

Iconic Modern

Some more hip hop drums here, more focused on the more modern day hip hop sound. Lets get it!

A collection of 110+ of today’s most popular electronic hip-hop drum samples. Drums make or break your track. Iconic Modern has the full fledged flavor and warmth of new-age hip hop production. Inside you will find deep and punchy kicks, digital hi-hats, and heavy and smooth snares, all neatly organized and labeled. It’s all about having the best sounds. That’s why I’d choose “Iconic Modern”. 115 files 30 Snares 7 Hats 53 Kicks 21 Percussion 4 Sound FX

Topia Vol 2

Here’s an complete set of Trap samplesfrom Smemo Sounds. From drums to pads, to melodies & synths. This one has something for every Trap producer.

‘TOPIA vol 2‘ by SMEMO SOUNDS is an All-In-One Sample Pack loaded with 82 WAV Loops containing sounds that will help you with your next Trap projects. This pack will provide you with must-have samples to help you produce your next hit track, including Drums, Percussions, 808, Synth, Pads, Leads, Melodies, and more. Just Drag and Drop the WAV files into your DAW of choice to get started on your next track. PRODUCT DETAILS: 81 WAV Loops 44.1 kHz / 24-Bit WAV Quality BPM and Key Labeled

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