Universal Music Group is diversifying its collaboration with Twitch and Amazon music to provide additional services for customers and artists alike.

A Universal Music Group press release has revealed to the masses that this move will allow you “enhanced access to some of the world’s most popular music content on Amazon, including live streams, high quality, and spatial audio, artist merchandise, and exclusive experiences”, reports Gear News.

Both artists and labels are going to experience a heightened Twitch experience. They’ll be able to take full advantage of the streaming platform with a chance to create their own channel – making use of the streaming platform for the roll-out of their online music experiences.

Twitch embodies a creator-first culture, including empowering musicians. Now, more than ever, we’re excited to work with UMG in an effort to further broaden the scope of tools available for their artists to engage with fans, while also providing new avenues for their artists to earn meaningful income while streaming on Twitch.

Tracy Chan, Head of Music, Twitch

With the breadth of their music services and products and their dedicated focus on customers and creators, Amazon Music and Twitch are excellent strategic collaborators, committed to creating the best and most diverse experiences for fans across streaming music, live streaming, artist collaborations, and physical merchandise.

Michael Nash, EVP, Digital Strategy, Universal Music Group

It was only in September that we saw Warner Music enter a similar partnership with Twitch. This was the first partnership of its kind within the music industry. Via Twitch, Warner Music artists gave fans access to behind-the-scenes content – something that was very new for Twitch subscribers.

The UMG expansion alongside Amazon Music allowed listeners to gain access to the Universal catalog in HD and Ultra HD quality, as well as spatial audio format. Now with the Amazon Music app, you’ll be able to order official merch from your favorite artists like Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, The Weeknd, and possibly more in the near future.

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